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Iron Fit trainers are some of the most qualified and knowledgeable trainers. They provide encouragement, motivation, and the most up to date knowledge on the fitness industry. No matter what your goals are, whether to achieve weight loss or improve your overall fitness, our trainers will help you reach your goals faster and safer.


N.A.I.T Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

C.S.E.P. Certified Personal Trainer

Medical Exercise Specialist

Exercise Is Medicine Canada – Level 1

N.C.C.P Intermediate Coaching Certification

Current First Aid

Pacific Institute, Thought Patterns for Success


N.A.I.T Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Sports Medicine Council of Alberta-

Injury Management Taping and Wrapping

Pacific Institute, Thought Patterns for Success

Mark Kay

Mark has been training people and seeing clients succeed since 2005.

He has trained a variety of clients, including N.H.L. players, weight loss clients, injury rehab clients, sports teams, junior athletes and many more.

Mark was once an overweight person himself, topping out at a unhealthy 230lbs. Since then, he has lost all that weight, and continues to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. In 2013 he completed his first 1/2 marathon in Las Vegas.

Currently, Mark continues to work with Edge Hockey in the summer at their camps in places such. As Cranbrook, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary. Working along side such N.H.L. players as the Niedermeyers, Jason Strudwick, and Craig Simpson, Mark has been able to expand his array of  training knowledge. He was also the Development Director for St. Albert Minor Hockey, aiding in the development of ALL players and coaches throughout the association.

Mark started Iron Fit based on his desire to give people the most effective and successful way possible to reach their goals. Helping people reach their potential and make it possible for each person to live a long and fulfilling life is his passion.


Sara Brown

Sara is very passionate about getting her clients to achieve their goals. Her schooling and sports knowledge help her understand what it takes to help people along on their journey.

Sara has played every sport there is, but excelled the most during her hockey (N.A.I.T.), soccer and baseball careers.

She sustained major set backs in her life, requiring two major knee surgeries. That being said, she knows the hardships of getting back into a physical and demanding lifestyle. Getting her mind & body back into playing shape twice in her life, she understands the challenges and rewards that come with acquiring a healthy lifestyle, and is ready to help push you forward too.

Sara believes in the right combination of eating & physical fitness to help you achieve your results.

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