Shawna On My Weigh – Dec, 2022

Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to weekly share her weight loss journey. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805

This week may be a dull update. I ended up ill for some of the time and I had to miss my workouts. Yes. Sick again. Ugh. One of the days I also had a migraine, which ended up lasting for several days. Not fun.

I now have an injury in one of my arms. My physio therapist diagnosed it with tennis elbow. I’ve never had tennis elbow before but let me tell you, it’s absolutely painful.

With all of this being said, Mark has been great finding work outs that I can do that aren’t further injuring my arm. We work on legs and abs and holy crap even without the usage of my arms, it’s still been hard work. I’m really hoping it heals up fast so I can get back 100%.

Bringing Mark back into my life was such a great idea. The circumstances sucked of course, but at least I’m back into it. And Mark has great work outs. I’m not always happy with him. I’m a whiney client. But I know that what he’s having me do is good for me and when I want to give up on myself, he doesn’t let me, even though that pisses me off when he does that. Hahaha

Have yourselves a wonderful week and if you’re looking for a workout partner, I’m game :-). It could be fun with multiple people. Contact Mark for more information. No he didn’t tell me to say this. I’ve been looking for a workout partner for ages.

Make good choices this week and hopefully next update will be more fun 🙂

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