Iron Fit is Edmonton & Area’s Personal Trainers

Our trainers have been helping people reach their goals since 2005. We train out of  our private gym, online, City of Edmonton facilities, or we offer in home options. If you live in Edmonton or the outlying areas, Iron Fit has the trainers to help you reach YOUR goals. We have been helping people succeed since completing our schooling at N.A.I.T., in 2006. Since then we have helped hundreds of people reach their goals, let us help you hit yours.

What is your goal?

Are you looking to reach a better level of health and fitness? Looking to hit that next level of athletic performance to push you over the top? What about being able to move around with the grand kids? Each person has their own goal and fitness level. Using a specific and individualized system, we incorporate the most effective program to help you reach your optimal fitness level. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base. And our unwavering support of YOUR fitness goals helps our clients achieve their potential and a feeling of success!


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