Hiring a Trainer

Why Bother Hiring an Educated Trainer? 

When your car breaks down and you don’t know how to fix it, who do you call?

A mechanic or someone knowledgeable about cars.

When you get sick and none of the over-the-counter medicine works, why do you go to a doctor?

Because of their professional advice and knowledge.

Many people do not invest the time and care their bodies need. Therefore, the “regular maintenance” that they should be doing turns into some heavy duty repairs (surgery, rehabilitation, or even death). Stats Canada reported in 2009 that 59.2% of males and 43.9% of females were overweight or obese; it is conservatively estimated 25,000 Canadians die EACH YEAR due to obesity and diet related issues. Compare this to the 415 people who succumbed to H1N1 with vaccines readily available. Obesity has now become the number one preventable cause of death in the country. Healthy nutrition, and regular exercise, is it’s “vaccine”.

There are some who read magazines, follow along to workout videos, or test out new exercises at the gym to acquire more knowledge and personal experience. Some may hire trainers to design an effective workout routine, to keep them motivated, hold them accountable, and ensure that they have proper form so that their time is not wasted performing exercises that can in fact, hurt, rather than help. When these trainers are hired though, many assume they all hold the same credentials. They do not.

The differences between trainers is staggering:

  • There are trainers with only personal experience.

  • There are trainers that complete two exams over a single weekend and become a trainer.

  • And there are also trainers that complete a degree or a diploma course from a College or a University. These trainers spend at least two years studying under the direction of teachers with a degree, diploma or masters, not simply their own experience. There is an in-depth exploration of all training procedures followed by numerous exams, a full practicum, and prep courses designed for working with the human body.

All Iron Fit trainers have taken the post secondary steps necessary to help you reach your maximum potential. We have the experience and knowledge of constantly working with people to achieve their health or athlete related goals.

So when looking for that trainer to help you along your way, ask yourself, is price really the most important thing? Is my body, my health, am I, worth it? If you purchase the “best” for your car, why not do it for your body as well? Good chance you’ll outlast that car…If taken care of properly.

Our training prices are comparable, if not better than other companies. Our service and dedication to our clients make us stand out above the rest. With our training in packages ranging from $50-$65/session (+ gst) and $85-$115/session (+ gst) for pairs or group, we have a variety of packers to suit your needs. Both goal wise, and financially. 

Design a specialized exercise and nutrition plan for YOUR needs

info@ironfit.ca or 780-718-4805

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