Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Since 2006, Mark has been changing people’s lives, giving them their confidence back and a renewed sense of self.
There is nothing more rewarding than needing to shop for new clothes because the old ones no longer fit!
Keeping up with the grand-kids, taking up a new sport, or maybe an old one you had once played, gives you
more opportunities to enjoy life!Annette-01Annette-03

We are passionate about you and your success, while seeing results from each and every one of you.

Iron Fit clients see success such as…

  • 160 pound weight loss by a client
  • 95 pound weight loss by a client
  • 2- 17 % body fat loss by a variety of clients
  • Increase in muscle mass to help burn calories in all clients


Training and seeing YOU succeed is our passion. Let us help you get there. 

info@ironfit.ca or 780-718-4805

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