Aliya – Strongest In The Gym

“No Desire To Do This”

Before the summer of 2016,  I never went to the gym. I didn’t even know what was inIMG_5498 there. Big intimidating machines perhaps, or maybe something even worse…big intimidating boys. I was a small 18 year old girl at the time, and the idea of myself going into this strange place and not knowing what to do and how to lift anything terrified the snot out of me (pardon my french).

A couple of my moms friend’s told me about Mark, because they were going to him. And I was kinda like “fine I’ll try it” (but not in like an exciting “woooohooo I’m going to go get fit and be a gym beast and I love working out yaaay!!”). More like “fine I’m only going because everybody is nagging me and I’m going to go and prove them all wrong and show them that the gym actually sucks. And then when my 8 sessions are done I’m going to walk on out of there with a great one finger salute to everyone”.

But then the worst thing that could possibly happen to me happened. I met Mark. And now…I love the gym.

That’s right. I, now a 19 year old teenaged girl, love the gym. I love the intimidating machines and I love looking at the intimidating boys while I workout. Mark isn’t just a regular personal trainer. Mark actually cares about you. He cares if you say you’re not feeling good that day and you need to go home. Mark cares that I like to just look at the intimidating boys, and not actually talk to them, so he moves me to a perfect location (and get super buff and ripped at the same time).


Mark has transformed my body from this lanky little girl to “the strongest person in the gym” (I can curl 15lbs). Mark has motivated me and taught me numerous gym tricks and workout routines.

If you or anyone you know is scared of the gym or thinks that it’s just a place for scary intimidating people, please give Iron Fit Personal Training a chance. I’m 95% sure you’ll end up loving it, and if you’re that odd 5% at least you can say you tried it and everyone will leave you the flip alone about it.

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