Annette – Weight Loss

Annette’s Mission

Annette-01“I made the decision to change my life when I realized I was morbidly obese at 270 lbs & extremely unfit after mourning the loss of my sister & mother to cancer. I knew I needed help to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, and was nervous as I walked into the fitness center for my appointment with Mark. I knew this young man was the trainer for me when he told me he had also made the weight loss journey himself. I had a preexisting back injury that we discussed, and he reassured me that he could modify any exercise regimen to accommodate my needs without causing further damage. I had no idea at that time how important this young man was to become to me.

Annette-02In the past years training with Mark I have not only lost over 90 lbs, but in June 2009 I successfully complete the Alberta 2 day, 200 km bike Ride to Conquer Cancer. When I told Mark that I really wanted to complete the ride, but wasn’t ready emotionally to do it alone, he volunteered to join me. I crossed the finish line in the middle of the 1742 rider pack with Mark at my side.

I no longer experience back pain (unless I overdo it with the exercise and play), and have never felt better. All my co-workers, friends and family comment on how good I look, and my husband now calls me his “trophy wife”. That isn’t why I wanted to lose weight, but it’s definitely a perk. I have regained my life, have a ton of energy, have more fun playing with my dogs, and have even gone rock climbing with my 14 year old niece (scary, but fun). Mark has helped me get back my enthusiasm for life, and become not only an important part of my healthy lifestyle, but a dear friend.”

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