High School To Success


I started training with Mark when I was in high school. I had a shoulder issue that kept nagging me during my years of competitive cheerleading. I had competed all over the world, and my shoulder kept bugging me. I also wanted to tone up and improve my fitness. After months of training, I took a break to go to post secondary.

6D74B8EB-FC0E-4FF6-9CCC-CB5362CDCEA7Recently I just started working out again, hoping to improve everything. I had very weak shoulders due to a previous chronic injury. My shoulders were constantly fatigued, taking my shirt off at the end of the day was a difficult task. After working with Mark Kay for 5 weeks, my shoulders developed lean muscle. I was able to lift twice as much at the end of the month than I could when I started. Not only did I access strength I had before my injury, but I also toned up the rest of my body. In the 5 weeks working out, I lost 15.2 pounds and 4.3% body fat. I now have more energy and motivation, and endurance in my shoulders.


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