Carmen – Uncovering The Sleeping Athlete

“Didn’t Start As Athletic Training”

IMG_5660I have been with Mark and Iron Fit on and off since 2012 and, with the incredible changes in my life during this period, Mark has always been there as a strong character influence and motivator.

When I started playing rugby two years ago, I knew I needed help in the weight room, and Mark was only too excited to help!
Using his experience with the sport and knowledge of the fitness rugby requires, Mark crafted a very dynamic schedule that has been instrumental in taking me from being an okay player to one who is known for big hits, breaking through lines and running with multiple people hanging off of me, and for my ability to kick the ball to distances even some male players can’t reach. In fact, I made Team Edmonton in my first year and was invited to train with Team Alberta in my second, a feat I know I couldn’t have achieved without Mark’s training.

He never focuses on static “gruntwork” exercises, instead favouring off-balance workouts that often have him throwing weights at me. His innovative approach, attitude and expertise— even when I’m nursing an injury, recovering from surgery or just plain tired — has pushed me through walls and shown me I can get to where I want to go. And I can do all of this with this awesome trainer and friend cheering me on and literally building me up.

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