Cole’s Hockey Motivation

Making Them Re – Think It…

Our son started seeing Mark in late March of 2022. At the time, his conditioning was poor. He struggled at early tryouts and showcases, and was not selected for various AAA teams that he aspired to. After scouring the internet and much research we found Mark, and immediately switched trainers. It was like night and day. Mark assessed our son’s strengths and weaknesses. He trained our son with hockey specific exercises and put him on a hockey spring training schedule that worked specifically on his conditioning and agility.

Our son was scouted 3 months later by one of the same teams he tried out for in April, given a shadow skate, and subsequently offered a position with a AAA team in the CSSHL. Mark has the experience, knowledge and ability to apply specific exercises an athlete needs to achieve improvement and success. He can identify their strengths and has them work hard on their weaknesses. He’s positive and encouraging while delivering workouts that are difficult and challenging. His friendly demeanor, positive attitude, and demanding work ethic were a positive change from other programs and trainers our son experienced in the past.

My son always looks forward to seeing Mark and has always spoken positive about Mark’s program and his positive attitude.  He helped our son with his hockey aspirations both physically and mentally. Our son still wants to continue training with Mark, even though he is training 5 days a week with his team!

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