Jen & Clarison – Loss & Gain

Jen’s Loss

jenfront2I wanted to make some serious changes to my regular fitness routine. I enjoy yoga, tennis, and running but I found those activities were not giving me the results I wanted for my upcoming wedding in 7 months. I was very inexperienced with weight training and didn’t know where to begin on my own. I knew I needed help to be more accountable in reaching the goals I set.jenfront

After my first meeting with Mark, we wrote out what I wanted to see from starting a workout program and how I was going to get there. From my first brutal workout, I knew I had a long road ahead. That first day lifting weights, doing squats, stairs, and push-ups, I thought my whole body would seize up. He warned me it would take a couple weeks to get my muscles to stop feeling the extreme pain, and although I would curse his name, he was right. I really appreciated that he would customize the sets for every session and felt I was learning a lot and gaining strength.
I didn’t consider myself being too out of shape or concerned with my  weight, but when I started to lose pounds, my clothes fit better, and people started noticing, it was a real confidence builder to see that all this hard work was being recognized. Those compliments made me push harder and I wanted more. By the time the 7 months had passed, I had lost the weight I said I wanted to plus more, I lost inches, felt healthier, and had way more energy than I ever expected. Mark definitely exceeded my expectations on not only pushing me at the gym, but he actually got me to enjoy being there! He is a great mentor because not only did I learn how to use my strengths to become stronger and healthier, but I also learned many new skills to push myself and set higher fitness goals.


Clarison’s Gain

Clarafter Clarb4

Prior to meeting up with Mark, I was struggling with maintaining any sort of confidence with my physical health. I know it may sound weird but being skinny and trying to gain muscle mass is just as difficult as trying to lose weight. Being in my early 30s I am starting to feel the “age” and I don’t exactly “bounce back” after a good game of basketball or a simple jog anymore. I had done weight training before but figured a more intense set regimen would be the best answer to reach a short term goal (my wedding in April 2013) and a long term goal of getting stronger and being more physically fit.
My fiancée and I decided to call upon Mark and he catered to both our needs via a couple’s workout. It definitely was the right choice because I found myself challenged at every workout. Even though my goals were to gain muscle mass and my fiancée was aiming to lose some weight, the workouts were similar most days which made the workouts even more interesting since we are both highly competitive.
There were plenty of workouts that I was not aware of that really changed the way I approach the gym now. Mark definitely kept my body from becoming stagnant which I definitely adopted now that I have moved on to working out on my own. The biggest advantage of having Mark around was his knowledge. It never felt like the workouts were just put together on the spot. He does his homework and tries to approach each of our sets differently but keeps the intensity up which can be challenging when working with different goals. Personally I found myself stronger, feeling better overall and am continuing to gain muscle mass. I am still learning to this day but without Mark’s workouts I would be doing the same routine day in and day out that most individuals find themselves doing because they just don’t know.

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