Justine – Mental Tougness

Justine’s Determined Adventure

imageI have been training with Mark from Iron Fit Personal Training for a year now. My body has drastically transformed in that year due to Mark’s diverse and challenging workouts.

It’s been a struggle for me to maintain a consistent schedule at the gym but thanks to Mark he keeps me motivated and on track.

I will give his workouts full credit for the change in my body because I don’t make the time to do much else in turns of exercise outside of our sessions.

Mark is very cognoscente of my shoulder injury and customizes our workouts in order to strengthen my area of discomfort without causing any further damage.

Physically, I am looking more fit and toned but more importantly I am feeling stronger, happier and healthier.

My energy level has increased and my anxiety and stress level has decreased which has been extremely helpful as a business owner.

Thank you Mark for your vast knowledge and dedication to helping me achieve my fitness goals. I look forward to training with you for years to come.


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