Katarina’s Drive!

From Heartache Comes Success

3DAC1861-777D-4CD4-8EE9-2676099CA8F2My training journey began after a miscarriage in 2007.

I was a mother of three at the time and had really enjoyed the fitness I earned after following a computer-generated fitness program, diet and lots and lots of Latin dancing. The unfortunate miscarriage really knocked me out and I very much did not feel like myself anymore. I decided very quickly that I needed help through this transition back into health, and was assigned to Mark at his then-place of employment; a nearby gym.

We quickly hit it off and I felt amazing. We worked out early in the morning before the kids got up, and I sprang back to better than I was before. I had made a friend in Mark. He pushed me and drove me to keep showing up, and I impressed myself with what I was capable of. Not only that, but he listened while I cried and laughed and talked about my life, anything I needed to get off my chest, and never judged. I always felt lighter and happier after our workouts (and my legs felt like noodles!)
Years passed and life kept happening, as it does. I had another baby and new jobs. I would see Mark off and on throughout all those transitions and it always brought me back to strength and able to really show up for life. Most dramatically though, was the healing I achieved with his help after my fourth and final kid. My back and hip started to blow out horribly and would basically leave me immobilized, after that last pregnancy. It really challenged me, and I found that my body was just not pulling itself together the way it used to. I knew I needed help after thousands of dollars in therapies and repeated hip meltdowns.

I picked up the phone and called Mark again and we got started. We have been fairly consistent for years now, and I haven’t had a major hip malfunction for 3 years. I am strong and confident and enjoy the work I can do now with ease. I have stamina in my daily life cleaning a boarding stable for horses, I have strength to do major jobs in the house and yard, I think I look pretty good and more than that, every week I have a person I reconnect with who has seen me through the worst and best of my life. My transitions in life have been workable because I keep coming back to my inner and outer strength with Mark. I’m profoundly grateful to be strong, balanced, functional and motivated to take continued high-quality care of myself with the help of my friend and lifelong trainer. 13 years and counting!

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