Laryssa’s Muscle Balancing Act

Laryssa’s Drive

0DD5C1D0-9537-4BA7-9B76-A85DD02DF708I can’t say enough positive things about training with Mark. His substantial expertise is apparent in every workout and has resulted in significant gains in a remarkably short timeframe. He’s been able to largely correct muscle imbalances that had hindered me from playing volleyball as competitively as I had wished, and even helped develop my body to sustain a level of play I hadn’t seen in 12 years. In fact, within just three sessions, my chiropractor was commenting on how significantly my muscle structure had changed for the better. This is a key point: Mark is very adept at rehabbing athletic injuries, and at designing workouts around and for any limitations his clients have.

An added bonus is that, when training with Mark, you won’t have a simian 4FDF2229-B4EA-4BA8-ADA5-9262D411A5BFmeathead screaming at you — unless you’re into that. Mark is exceptionally adaptive to his clients, and makes sure each person’s workout is perfectly tailored not only to their body and their preferred sports/lifestyles, but also to their personality. Our conversations are so engaging that, before I know it, the workout is over and I’ve sweat buckets and feel amazing. He’s a thinking person’s trainer, an elite athlete’s trainer and even a new-to-sport trainer.

I highly recommend him to everyone.


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