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I was looking through personal trainer ads, knowing I needed help to start now or I would just keep gaining weight. Iron Fit’s ad kept popping out and stood out. So I emailed Mark and set up a consultation ASAP. Then quickly started my sessions.

I’ve had personal trainers before, so I thought I new what to expect. Also, before gaining some weight I was always active, either running or playing sports. But once I started training with Mark I realized I had no idea what I got myself into. Not a single session went by without sweat dripping on the floor. Funny thing is, I actually thought I knew what I was doing in the gym before training. Nope. The functional training with Mark showed more results and quicker than being on my own at the gym using only machines. He was showing me the best exercises to achieve my weight loss goals, and giving me my cardio homework.

SarahAfterEvery morning when my alarm went off I always thought ‘I’ll just tell him I slept in”. But I always dragged my butt out of bed just because I didn’t want to disappoint Mark. There is definitely an urge to do better when there’s somebody there watching your progress and rooting for you and encouraging you. Which is what he was doing.

I just celebrated my 25th and wouldn’t have felt as good as I did without the help of Mark. 100%. I was down almost 20 pounds, lost body fat and inches everywhere. For now, I’ll remember everything I was taught and told and keep succeeding on my weight loss. Who knows what the future will bring! Thanks Mark!SarahAfter2

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