Everybody Needs A Break

If you’ve ever paid attention to a professional sport, you know that they have an off season. That off season is there to help them rest, relax and recuperate from the long haul they just put themselves through. The mind and body get broken down over time, and they both need time to heal. But have you ever given yourself the time to heal?

Each time you workout, you create mini tears in your muscles. Your body uses energy to help repair these tears each time. That’s why you tend to hear the “48hr”rest rule, to give the body time to heal. However, many times 48 hours is not enough time.

If you are training and going to the gym for 12 months straight, have you really given yourself a break? Have your muscles and your mind had time to regenerate and recover? The simple answer is, no! When you hear about athletes taking a break, they take a break from working out in the off season as well. It may not necessarily be a long break, but it’s still a break. If you are a runner, do you train all year, or do you give yourself a month off? Hopefully your answer is a month off from running.

Whatever fitness goals you have, make sure you take some time now and then to give your body a rest. The longer the road trip you take your car on, the faster and easier it will break down and need repairs. Your body is the same. It may feel like you are hindering your progress by not doing anything, but in the long run, you’re actually doing something that will turn out to be more beneficial in the long run.

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