Breaking The Mental Barrier

Have you ever thought of something, yet done nothing about it? It keeps weighing on your mind, over and over again, yet you keep passing up the opportunity to do something about it. Then the big day comes when you act on your thoughts and feelings and see the success that you have been looking for. Congratulations, you have just broken the Mental Barrier. Unlocking the door to your brains inhibiting pathways will help anyone reach their goal. However, what are the certain steps that can help you achieve this?


To say you are going to do something is one thing, but to act on it is another. When you create little steps and a pathway towards your goal, it will greatly affect the chances for success. Forbes created 6 elements of mental toughness to help the athlete, everyday person and the business executive. Flexibility, responsiveness, strength, courage & ethics, resiliency & sportsmanship are the traits Forbes has described as one needs to succeed. Whether applying these to the business world or your fitness goals, it’s important to learn how to adapt and change your way of thinking.

Have you ever seen a pitcher give up that game winning home run? Or the elite hockey player that wins numerous awards, yet fails their team in the shootout? Both of these players have hit great adversity, yet they managed to come through those tough situations. They have learned to adapt to the situation and change their way of thinking to help them succeed. It’s very rare that the pitcher will give up another game winning home run anytime soon, or the hockey player fails their team again. They’ve changed the negative pathways and learned to use them as a positive.

Take weight loss for example. Many people feel that once they have a bad day of eating, it’s over. They think that since they cheated on this day, they can’t stick with it and they may as well give up. However, if you look back on most successful stories in history, they failed on their way to success. However, the key is to learn from that situation and do your best to not make it happen again. All of us will face adversity at some point, we just have to learn how to pull ourselves through it. Those 6 elements that Forbes describes are key to hitting your stride and keeping on your path.

At Iron Fit Personal Training, we strive to incorporate those traits as well as others when we develop the plan for our clientele. As with anything, the right & appropriate plan will improve your chances for success. Contact us today to start your path of success.

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