Change to Succeed

You are likely the problem with your child’s & your eating pattern. Recently, schools have thought of banning all junk food. While this may solve the short term problem, it doesn’t solve anything long term. Kids will still find a way to eat the junk food that they want to eat. It’s similar to when you are working out and training. When you know something is bad for you, it may make you want it more and you may consume more of it.diet32

But the whole issue of childhood obesity and even family struggles with weight generally falls straight at the feet of the people making the food. Likely that person is YOU! Your kids learn their eating patterns from what you feed them, not from TV or outside sources. You are their main inspiration and role model,  they like to follow what you do. If you struggle with your weight, maybe it’s time to change your eating habits as well.

Many of us consume too many carbohydrates in a day (breads, pastas, cereal, etc…) and not enough vegetables and protein (fish, chicken, meat, etc…). Likely if you or your child eat cereal for breakfast, you are consuming a food that really doesn’t do much for your body. Unless you are eating cereals with low sugar in them, you’re not fuelling your body with anything. Try some oatmeal, fruit or even some toast for breakfast. Ease up on your snacking of any foods in a package, and you will likely see a HUGE change in your overall look and feel. If it goes in a package, can you imagine what it takes to keep it fresh for that long? How long does your fruit last? Exactly my point.

Making subtle changes to your eating is the easiest way to see success. If you try and change it completely right off the bat, you will likely feel overwhelmed. That may lead to you losing sight of your goals, getting frustrated and giving up. At Iron Fit we make sure we teach our clients about eating. It’s not about cutting out everything, it’s about learning when and what to eat. We aren’t robots, so how can you expect to eat the same thing all the time? We teach our clients to read and nutrition label the easy way, not just looking at calories. But how protein, carbs and fats relate to those calories. Contact us today to get your change started.

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