Saw this in the store, it’s a kids fitness set. All in all, it’s pretty good, except for one thing, the ankle/wrist weights. Unless it’s been specifically prescribed by your doctor, don’t put those on your kid. Well at the top of the leg and the arm is a ball and socket joint. Odds your kid doesn’t violently swing their arms or legs for fun while it’s on? Slim. Think of it in terms of a stick attached to a ball by string. Now, if you add weight to the bottom of that a swing it side to side continually, what’s going to happen? – strings stretch? – stick snaps? – strings break? – one string becomes looser than the other? – haven’t even discussed what may happen in the socket Think of that being your kids legs or arms… ah no. Everything has it’s place, but maybe stay away from the wrist and ankle weights for your kids.

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