Building & Fighting Back

Everyone is looking for the quickest way to get the quickest results. Building and maintaining muscle is something that many of us want to achieve. And if this is somethinng you don’t want to achieve, you have to ask yourself, why not??? Your muscles are the key to your long term mobility, so your focus should be on developing them.  The key is to figure  out how to get the best results from your post workout meals and nutrition plans. Here, we will focus on repairing and building your muscles  without using any form of supplements availalbe. You will  be surprised what you can do on your own and see tremendous results.

Why does it happen?weights

The first thing we need to look at is why? Why do our muscles get sore after a workout, or after we change up our workout program? That muscle pain you are feeling is call Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS occurs after workouts because each time you train, you make microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Each time you are training your muscles, you end up continually ripping them. This haappen when you do your eccentric motions (lengthening)  then contracting your muscles quickly after. There’s a reason we say give it 48 hours between workouts of the same body part, because how do you expect it to rest. If you go everyday and work the same muscle over and over again without giving it a break, are you giving it time to recover and recoup? NO! How many of you do ab exercises daily thinking it is going to help, yet you haven’t seen any results? I bet some has to do with diet and cardio, but your muscles need that rest. However, there are some ways to enhance your recovery to see quicker and better results.

How do I stop the pain!?!?!

Unfortunately, you cannot fully stop this ache and pain from coming. But you can help speed up the recovery. You can also enhance the strength of your muscles, and make a positive and more lasting effect from that workout you just did. When we look at getting rid of those aches and pain and building your muscles, we can lump it into the same category. For the purposes of this post, lets clump it together as Muscle Recovery.

Relieving the Pain & Seeing Your Results -Muscle Recovery

There have been many studies  that have been trying to focus on how to help get rid/repair the pain caused from DOMS.  However, everything in the fitness world has something saying to do it this way, and something  saying to do it that way. It’s a very grey world that is trying very hard to go black and white. But there have been a few recurrent themes that have shown up

protein-deficiency1. Building back your muscle requires protein intake. The more effective the protein intake you can consume, the higher the likelyhood you see better results. Eggs, chicken, fish, lean meat & legumes are all great sources of protein. You need to be gettting protein into every meal you eat, making it the central focus of your meals. Your muscles will love you for this, and you will see better results in your training regime.

2. Vitamin C has been shown to be a major contributor in your muscle recovery. Oranges, milk, spinach peppers, broccoli & cauliflower are all high sources of Vitamin C. Incorporating a good balance of these foods in your meal plan with give your muscles that extra kick that not many people know about.

3. The Foam Roller & Sleeping away your pain. Anyone that has trained with us knows our love for the foam roller. The foam roller allows you to get deeper into your stretch, while effectively hitting target areas that static stretching just doesn’t hit. The more effective your stretching regime, the less your muscles are going to hurt after your workouts. As well, sleep is something we do not get enough of to help build and repair your muscles. Your body needs that time to rest and recover, so give it that extra little bit of time to recover. The weights will still be there the next day, don’t rush it and push it too far.

Your diet is crucial in repairing and building your muscles back after any workout. It’s like putting regular gas into a  high performance car. It will run, but you will not get the true speed and performance that you would get it you put tthe premium fuel in. Think of what you treat better, you or your car?


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