Overthinking Weight Loss = Potential Failure

thinkingDo you remember when you were in school and taking a test? There was always that one question you just knew the answer to, but you couldn’t grasp it. No matter how hard you thought about it, the answer didn’t come to you. Then you handed in your test, leaving that answer blank, and all of a sudden it hits you. NOW you know the answer, after you handed it in. Or you meet someone you already know, but can’t place their name? Then you head home and later in the day or the next day the name comes to you. You thought so hard, but once you were relaxed and started thinking about something else, the answer came to you. Fitness and weight loss is very similar.

In North America, we get bombarded by the media on how to lose weight. It’s very simple to add weight on, it’s around you everywhere you go and whatever you look at. However, very rarely do you hear about the struggles people went through to lose weight. YOu end up just seeing the results on their infomercial. Or the dedication it took to lose the weight, and stay consistent at that weight after years of over eating. The newest and most popular fads come and go, leaving you by the waste side when they disappear from the shelves after you have invested a ton of money into them. History is lined with fads such as Body by Vi, Atkins Diet, Subway Diet and many more different ways to try to get your money. Yet many of us fail to realize that it’s actually hard work that requires us to lose weight. And it really isn’t as complicated as you think.burgers

To lose ONE POUND, you need to have a calorie deficit of 3500 in a week from what you regularly eat/exercise (not including your sugar intake). If you think about cutting 3500 calories from your diet, that’s 700 calories a day. The average weight training workout has you losing between 250 – 500 calories. If you happen to go out and eat at a restaurant, you likely consume between 1500-2500 calories just in that one sitting. And there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve gone over the 2500 calories, that’s just a rough estimate for you to think about. That’s part of the reason everything seems so hard when it comes to weight loss. Most times people don’t have both the proper nutrition and exercise program to help them succeed. Because they’ve let their mind wander on how to eat and what to eat. Or they’ve tried to make the hardest and best exercise program possible, and completely dislike doing it so they stop. This isn’t rocket science, you just need to be taught how to properly eat and exercise. It can be done so that in the future you don’t have to watch every little thing that you eat, or worry about missing a day at the gym.

It’s all about portion control when it comes to your eating, and getting the proper exercise program set up for your body. At Iron Fit, we give you the best of both worlds by incorporating a balanced and maintainable nutrition program to work through while you are training. It’s not realistic to expect you to eat chicken and rice all the time, nor will most of you want to do that. We incorporate everyday eating, while allowing you to go out with friends every now and then and enjoy yourself. Because that’s what it’s all about. You may have the best “body” in the world, but if you hate how you’re eating and missing out on things, what’s the point?

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