The “Right” Cardio Workout

Stair master. Bikes. Running. Elliptical. So many different forms of cardiovascular work, how do you choose which one is best for you? Well guess what, it ties back to a bunch of things.o-WOMAN-RUNNING-facebook

– Do you have any injuries?

– Are you going for body fat loss? Athletic ability?

– What have you been currently doing?

– How fast do you want to see results?

– and any other things you can think of.

There are so many reasons to do different forms of cardio, but it all boils down to a main idea: Getting the right intensity set up (unless we are talking about the Recumbent Bike). You can have the best laid plans, and be running for 60 minutes or biking for 30. Or you’re busting your hump on the elliptical that sweat is pouring down. However, you could be doing all of this and a month later still be stuck in the same rut that you were in where you started. And that could all be attributed to your intensity.

Different goals require a different form of intensity for your cardio. If we are training a high performance athlete, you’re likely not doing the same thing as someone looking for body fat loss. Or maybe you are dong something similar, but we have your intervals set at a different frequency. It all boils down to making sure you are doing the right intensity for the goals you are looking for. Mountain-biker-climbs

We have all seen people that have been going to the gym for months, yet they look the same. Why? It could be a ton of different reasons. But when you see them on their cardio equipment, are they going as hard as they can?Sure they may have an injury they are working with, which will inhibit what they can do. But an uninjured body should bust their butt on their cardio and feel like they can’t go any farther at the end of their session. Whether it’s a 20 minute session or a 60 minute session. If you can go longer than you’ve been going, you likely need to contact and iron Fit trainer to help you reach your goals.faster.

If you’re going to put in the 20-60 minutes, why not make it worth it? Iron Fit makes sure 100% of our clients have the appropriate cardiovascular program set up to help them hit their goals in the most effective & timely manner.

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