Short Term Goal = Long Term Pain

All of us have goals, no matter what facet of life we look at. Some have career goals, some have family goals and there are a ton of other goals that one may have. Fitness is no different, you always start out with a goal in mind. However, if your goal is for the short term, there’s strong potential that in a few years you may be back where you started. Why do I say that? Many times when we set our goals for short term success, we don’t develop the necessary habits or lifestyle changes to help us in the long run. You may hit your goals in the short term, but your poor habits may come back. goal-setting-21That’s exactly why they are called habits, because it’s what you revert to. Those that change their habits have a greater chance to end up seeing the long term success. A goal of losing a specific amount of body fat (notice how we didn’t say weight) in a certain amount of time is great. But, for example, you need to set a goal for the same time in a year. Then continue that yearly planning until your habits change. Ideally you should be able to change those habits within the year if you stay focused on the long term path. All of us know someone that started out with the best intentions, and likely saw some great results off the start. Then you see that person a few months later or a year later, and they are back where they started, or even farther behind. Iron Fit trainers focus on changing your lifestyle habits to help you stay focused and see long term success for you and your loved ones.

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