The Fads That Make You Fail

There are so many different “diet options” out there. Let’s try to name a few, and try to pick what we forgot;

Berensteins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Shakeology, Body By Vi, South Beach, Biggest Loser, TLC Diet, Paleo Diet, Slim Fast, Nutrisystem, juice Plus, South Beach, Vegan, Atkins, any other diet that requires you take take an appetite suppressant, etc…

The key to all of these, is that most of us know someone who has tried one if them. If not one if these, they’ve tried some other “diet plan” out there. There’s strong potential that they or you didn’t succeed in the long run with any of these plans. Why? Because you didn’t learn how to properly eat when off these plans! If it was a plan that you learnt about foods and are still at your goals after being on the plan, while not being super restrictive, congratulations. You learnt and were able to adapt your lifestyle to proper eating patterns. The odds though…that’s not you.

The key to nutrition and your eating is education. Common sense tells you that if you eat less calories than before, cut out carbs or take an appetite suppressant,  you’ll lose weight. Don’t be alarmed, that happens with everyone that does this. You likely aren’t a special case, and you’re at a high rate to gain back everything that you lost. You didn’t teach yourself how to properly portion your plate out. You didn’t take the time to learn about how much carbs, protein, fats or sugars you require, or what time of day you should & shouldn’t eat certain things. There are many things you can learn about nutrition and foods from your trainer.

Do you know the nutritional value of certain foods you eat? It sounds like a daunting task, but there are many apps & websites out there that help break this all down. Sure, they might not be 100% accurate, but they are darn close. Plus, you’ve learnt something about the foods you’re consuming. The more you know about what’s going in your body, the more likely you are to make the smarter choices.

These days, we are too quick to look for the safest way to see results. We believe that these results will last forever. And in some rare cases, they do. But that’s the minority of cases. Take the time to learn about foods, food groups, and what’s good & bad for your eating patterns. By doing this, it may take a bit longer to reach your goals. However, you have a better chance at staying at your goal once you reach it rather than someone who has taken the short, uneducated route there. No matter the shortcut you take, you always end up missing something…

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