How Many Times Per Week?!?!?

So, you’re thinking about starting your fitness journey. You’ve bought the gym pass, got all the newest clothes and gadgets, and now you’re ready to get going. This is how it works out for many of us:

Week 1 : You go everyday that first week, and find yourself needing a nap by mid day. Too much you say 

Week 2-3 : You scale it back a bit to 3-4 times/week, but notice you are still tired and sore. Something must be wrong

Week 4 : Ugh, you need to go to the gym again? So you drag yourself to the gym once or twice, to say you did it.

Week 5 onward : the gym ends up getting rich off of you, as you “lost your pass”

The key to seeing success in fitness is the same as life, you need to start off small and work your way up. Your body isn’t used to training, so of course it’s going to fight back. You’ll be way more tired, and you’ll be much more hungry. It’s a natural response that everyone goes through. Everyone that’s working hard enough that is…

The key is to set realistic goals and realize that it’s going to take you a bit more time than you expected. You need to set yourself up for success, rather than what you see everyone else doing. With out clients, we work on a realistic plan for our clients to follow, that fits into their lifestyle.

If you can’t fit it into your daily routine, what are the chances you’re going to succeed?

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