Shawna – On My Weigh – 10 Week Triathlon Edition…

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to weekly share her weight loss journey. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

So here we are. Triathlon day!!  I spent all week waiting for this day to come. Well, longer really. But this last week seemed to drag on. I took an extra shift yesterday (Saturday) and couldn’t concentrate lol. Anyway, as per my usual triathlon routine I packed everything the night before and hubby got our bikes onto the car.

Triathlon day started at 4:30 AM when our alarm went off. Transition opens at 5:45. And our triathlon routine is to go to Denny’s for breakfast and fuel up on eggs and toast.

So we got to transition for 6:00. And the butterflies in my stomach started. It doesn’t really matter how many races I do, I always get butterflies and nervous. I get excited too. I just love doing these races.

So anyways, I do the try-it distance for this particular race because the standard distances are still a bit too much for me. My wave didn’t start until 10:50 so it made for a very long morning.

I went into the pool with the expectation to pace myself so that I wouldn’t tire out in the first few laps. But as with every race, the adrenaline took over and I went way too fast way too early. It took me a few laps to get a good pace going. I felt good. I felt like I did really well.

I did the bike really really well. I feel like I went faster than last year. We have a bit of a hill (Groat Road) to climb. I didn’t feel like I went as slow as last year.

Then came the run…last year I walked the whole thing. This year I lightly jogged the whole thing, minus the small climb up Groat Road. I finished strong. Kept going. I felt like I did much better than last year.

So my final results…I BEAT MY OVERALL TIME FROM LAST YEAR!!!! Also, I did NOT come dead last in the try-it category. I did come dead last in my age group but not overall.   So my times were:

Overall time was 1:49:55

500 m swim was 19:20

13 k bike was 40:37

4 k run was 45:03

Sadly, I was unable to beat my run time from last year, however I DID beat my swim by 20 seconds and my bike by exactly 4 minutes!!!!!!!!  I was in a collision 3 weeks ago, and I’m in a lot of pain most days and I was really worried I would suck big time. I really wanted to increase my run time…next year. I told my physio therapist that I was going to do my triathlon but I had to promise her I would stop at the sign of increased pain in my neck/shoulders/back. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any extra pain. So that’s a good sign.

My weight this year was 270 and last year it was 290. Was it the 20 pound weight loss that helped?  I’d like to think so. I’d also like to think it has something to do with the training that I’ve been doing with Mark Kay from Ironfit Training. No he didn’t tell me to say that!  But I need to give him credit too. He’s been extremely patient with me. Some days I struggle with the mental part of exercise. And he puts up with my venting. But he also knows when he needs to push me through the negative thoughts. I have never regretted hiring him and I always look forward to our workouts.

So what are YOU doing to keep yourself active?  Now that I’m done this triathlon, I’m giving my body a few days to rest then I’ll be training for my next race!  That one is in August.

Until next week…stay active, keep moving, fuel your body with healthy goodness. And thank your personal trainer for being an important part of your life. ❤️

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