Shawna – On My Weigh – 1/2 Triathlon Completed!!!

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So what shall I talk about?  Oh I know…my triathlon.

Sunday, August 12 started off at 2 in the morning when my mind decided it didn’t want to sleep. I laid there tossing and turning and just couldn’t fall asleep. Not sure if I was anxious or what. But it’s not like it was my first triathlon. So who knows why I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried everything. I looked at my phone at 3:38 AM when I finally fell asleep. But then awake time was at 4:15. This wasn’t going to be good.

After packing the car and having our customary breakfast at Denny’s we headed to the race.

Rain was in the forecast. 90% chance of rain. After it had been hot and dry out all week. Ugh. And it was a bit on the chilly side. Only 10 degrees and windy. And when you’re coming out of a pool all wet, 10 degrees isn’t very nice out. Ah well. At least it wasn’t stupid hot out.

So we got our daughter to join this year. She did the try-it distances with me while her dad did the full sprint distances.

So on the pool deck we all get assigned our lanes and it turned out that my daughter (Sydney) and I were in the same lane. And we were the ONLY ones in our lane. This try-it wasn’t overly packed. Plus I think the weather scared everyone away. Lol. Anyway so once we were assigned our lanes, we were told to let the faster swimmer go first so Sydney decided I was likely faster so I went first. I was t even half way down the lane when she over took me. And I couldn’t catch up. Lol. But I found a rhythm and stuck to it.  I feel like I did pretty good.

Transition time…usually I just go onto my bike in just my bathing suit. Have you ever tried to put on pants while still wet??  Lol. So normally I bike in just my bathing suit then put my pants on after the bike. But because it was kinda chilly I just said hell with it and put my pants on now. Yup it went about as well as I expected lololol. So away I went on the bike. It was really tough. The triathlon is in St. Albert and we have to do a huuuuuuge hill. And it killed me. But I did it. And I didn’t stop mid-climb this year like I have in the past. Yay me!!!  Again, I felt pretty good about my time.

Final transition…I had to take my sneakers off to put my socks on just to put my sneakers back on in hind sight, I really didn’t save any time by doing it this way. Ah well. Every race I learn something new lol. So away I went on my run. I walked pretty much the first 2 kilometres. The last half to one kilometre is when I increases my pace by a lot and gave it all that I had. I wanted to finish strong. And I feel like I did. Only time will tell.

So results time…

250 metre swim – 9:12

10 K bike – 32:33

2.5 k run – 30:22

Total time – 1:12:08

I beat my last year’s total time by almost 2 minutes!!!!  I was slower on the swim this year. But I was faster on the bike AND run. I came in 16th out of 19th. So I beat 3 people!!!!!  Woot. Was it the fact that I weigh less?  I don’t know. I do know that the bike felt stronger. So that’s a great start.

I’ve already started training for my first triathlon for next year. My goal next year at the Coronation triathlon is to do the full distances. Those are 1000 metres in the pool, over 20k on the bike (I forgot how much) and an 8K run. So I have my work cut out for me but I know if I discipline myself to stick with it, I can make the impossible…possible.

Until next time…stay healthy.

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