Are You Doing It Wrong

Your look isn’t the most important thing you should be worrying about for your fitness goals. There, I said it. But we all want to look good for society you say. Yeah, that may be true. And society is definitely doing a terrible job of giving us self confidence and telling us what we should look like. But the key to your workouts should be something more long term. Something that’s going to affect you until you head to live with the ants.
There are a ton of reasons you workout. Most of them focus on the here and now. It’s like garnering RRSP’s, you always feel that there’s going to be time to save for old age. Until you get closer and realize, all those TV’s you bought could’ve led to a few months of no working in your retirement years. Working out is the same, we don’t think enough about what it’s doing to us as we get older.
As you get older, your muscles may go through a stage called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of your muscle tissue as you age. Now that you know it’s not called “old muscles”, you can impress people with the proper name. As you get over the age of 50, you end up losing a percentage of your muscle every year. Every year, that’s crazy! I mean, you know it’s going to go at some point, but you never realize it’s that much.
You can help reverse and slow down this process by exercising. That’s right, something can actually be reversed in your old age. And it’s not that hard to do. 
If you are over 50 and haven’t done any form of resistance training, start. No matter what your age, it’s never too late. There’s a dramatic increase in muscle function when you perform resistance training. But it can’t be a one off. You need to incorporate it into your weekly schedule, and keep it going on your lifestyle. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. The right program, designed by an Iron Fit Trainer, can help you along your path. It looks very scary, but trust us, it’s not.
If you’re younger, focus on doing exercises with proper form, and some small exercises that work the smaller muscles. Those cable machines & the TRX systems can be very helpful in hitting muscles you didn’t know you had. 
As hard as it may be, think of where you want to be in your 50’s & 60’s. Keep that in mind when you’re designing your workout plan. The right trainer will give you a long term outlook, and work on things you didn’t know could be improved. 
Personal Fitness Trainer / Owner
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