Weightlifter Look With Weights? Likely Not…

imageOne of the common things you hear is how people avoid weight training because they don’t want to look “huge”. They don’t want the big muscles bulging from every facet of their body, and they think all weight training will do that. Well, you’re not fully wrong, just 90% incorrect. Weight training has some great benefits for everyone, and is essential to 100% of the workout/ fitness programs out there. Here’s why….

To get the big muscles or the body builder look takes a strong focus on your nutrition. Just lifting weights alone will not give you the muscular look that you see on body builders or figure competitors. That look takes dedicated training, eating and a mentality, similar to high profile athletes you see on TV.

There are a bunch of great incentives to incorporate weight training into your daily life and exercise regime. Here’s a few reasons why:
– you burn calories while you are lifting weights AND while your muscles are repairing themselves from the workout.
– your muscles are key to your movement. Better muscles and muscle activation, better movement.
– keeps your workouts interesting and advancing. There are hundreds of exercises you could do to stay motivated and not bored while doing weights.
– look. Yes, this sounds self centred, however you can get great muscle tone without having bulging muscles.
– sense of accomplishment/ more goals to break through. When you break through that weight you were struggling to lift, it will give you a greater sense of accomplishment/ success.

There’s no reason to be scared of the “weights” area at the gym. The goal is to be able to incorporate it into your fitness lifestyle. With the proper training program tailored for you by your Iron Fit trainer, you can master that section of the gym.

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