Patience Is A Needed Trait In Training

All of us have seen the diet commercials or exercise commercials that promise quick results to the best body ever. TV shows such as The Biggest Loser twist our reality into thinking that that amount of success or weight loss is attainable AND sustainable. However, I’m hear to tell you that likely… it’s not. You can get there, but it’s time to look at reality and realize that it will take time & patience.

imageLet’s look at the weight loss theory as our example for this article. As recommended, the average person will lose roughly .5 – 2.0 pounds per week. It depends how much you have to lose, and how you are going to go about losing it. Likely a sedentary individually will see more loss of the start, because they are starting from doing no physical activity. Whereas the active person may find it a tad harder to lose that much off the start, because their body is already used to the shock that is accompanied with training.

The key is to gradually integrate yourself into the workout phase and healthy eating. Let’s say you’re used to drinking 5 cans of pop per day. It’s very unrealistic for us to cut that to 0 pops per day and expect you to keep that routine for the rest of your life. That pop has become a habit, where habits are hard to break. Eating out 3 times per week has become a habit for you that can’t easily be replaced or changed. If you went about shocking your system that fast, you have a higher rate of returning to your old habits and not seeing success.

To avoid returning to your old state, the key is to gradually reduce your intake. It’s such a key factor that many people fail to realize about limiting and restricting their diets. If you’re new, you wouldn’t set the treadmill to a 9.0 m.p.h. speed your first day and go try to run for 30 minutes on it. So why would you do that to your nutrition.

It’s about slow and steady steps. Whether it’s weight loss or weight gain, any success is just that, SUCCESS. If you start to beat yourself up over not losing this much, or not running that fast, you’re creating those negative ghosts that are hard to exterminate. They are the barriers that stand in the way to your goals.

We try to set attainable and measurable goals with our clients, and teach them to take any success as a positive. You’re on the right track, just keep going and you’ll find the journey is worth it.

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