You Need Goals!

Plain and simple, when doing any fitness plan, you need a set of GOALS. Something to strive towards, and to keep you motivated while you are on your path. Without goals, you may end testingup getting bored, lazy, unmotivated or completely lose track of why you started out. It’s similar to taking a test. Most of us need to study for that test, or else we end up failing. Studying is our path to success, and you need a similar path to achieve your fitness goals.

At Iron Fit, we use a monthly plan that incorporates the S.M.A.R.T. principle to help our client achieve their goals. When broken down, S.M.A.R.T. looks like this;
– you need to set specific goals for what you want to achieve. For example, weight loss, be faster, be stronger are not specific enough. What weight or body fat are you looking for, what time are you looking to be faster than, is there a weight that you are looking to push? Those are specific goals.

– there needs to be a way you measure your goals. Do you look at inches lost? A change in pant or shirt size? Can you jump farther than you’ve ever jumped before? Those are measurable ways to see your progress. You tend to stay on track when you have measurable ways to see how you are doing

– one of the toughest aspects of goal setting. You need to focus in on which goals are most important to you, can try to attain those. Once you break down one goal barrier, the next will fall that much easier with your newfound confidence.

– in my opinion, this is the toughest one. This is the one where you have to sit back and really focus on what’s attainable and realistic. Is 20lbs of weight loss in a month realistic? No. Is shaving 20s off your 100m dash time in a month realistic? No. You need to realistic with yourself in what you can achieve. People may think you can do more or push harder, but that may not be the case. When working with your trainer, you are able to see what you can realistically achieve.

– we all want the results now. However, in reality we know that’s not possible. Sit down and create a realistic and attainable timeline for your goals. If you have a larger goal in the end, that’s great! Let’s set out some smaller goals to achieve on the way to your bigger goal. That way it will help keep you motivated while driving hard towards that end goal. You get to feel a bunch of accomplishment along the way, which will likely keep you on track.

goalsIron Fit clients have been running this method, and we have seen huge successes with it. We incorporate it into all of our clients programs, and it just recently turned a client back around and gave him more focus as he was struggling. Without this method, he may have wandered off into the abyss of Lost Fitness Goals.

We never want to see you go there. Set a good path out before you start, and you’ll never enter the abyss.

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