Enjoy The Holidays!!!

This is the time of year that you start to worry about everything you eat. The gym becomes secondary to parties. Healthy eating takes a back seat to all the goodies people are bringing in. But don’t worry! If you follow a few simple tips, you can enjoy your holidays without needing to change your wardrobe after.

– Watch your plate size. Go with the smaller plate if you can. Or, don’t pile it on high with the bigger plate. Save some of the food for everyone else.

– Eat the healthier items first. By eating healthy first, your stomach will feel more full. Therefore, you won’t feel the urge to over eat. You will feel much more satisfied.

– Keep you fitness routine as best as you can. If you keep your routine, you stand a great chance of not putting on too much excess weight from eating. It’s when you start to skip workouts that you start to notice changes and feel worse.

– Don’t starve yourself. Enjoy some of the treats around you, as many times if you don’t, you’ll end up binging at one time. And we all know binging brings you nothing but mentally stress and heartache.

Enjoy the holidays and stay on your routine. We are working up to and including Dec 24, and returning back to training on Dec 29. Contact us to reach your fitness goals.

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