How to Achieve Resolution Success

It’s that time of year again, where almost everyone sets some form of health goal. If you don’t, you may be an outlier in that category. However, they are harder to stick to than you think. But how can you punch through and see success?

Make the goals measurable, and attainable. What gets measure gets monitored, is a common and direct statement. Find a way to measure your progress. Whether you take measurements, run/walk a certain amount per day, or use your clothes as measured, use something! Your eyes and your mirror will play tricks on you. Don’t let them guide your path.

Make realistic goals. Sorry, the odds you lose 20lbs in a month AND keep it off are very long odds. In the same light, you likely won’t add 20 lbs of muscles in a month. It’s going to take time, be realistic about it.

Use an of example of wanting to lose 100lbs. Average safe weight loss is 1-3lbs per week. Some weeks may be more, and some may be less. But if you average 2lbs weight loss per week, you’re looking at 50 weeks, so it MAY take a year. Sure, it may take less, yet it may take more. But you need to set steps along the way to hit goals, to keep you motivated. You’ll have bad eating and workout days, but if you stay on your planned path, those will balance out with some awesome and rewarding days.

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