Protein Powder – Is It The Right Stuff?

Each of us has someone in our lives that we know uses. Maybe they use it first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s during their lunch hour, or straight after their workout. Protein powder.

Our oldest child hated any form of protein when she was little. The doctor put her on a protein powder to add to her food, just so they knew she was getting some form of protein. So the powder has a lot of uses, but is it for you?

We need protein in our bodies to help repair our muscles, to help build muscle and to function (among other things). It helps make us feel full, so we can control what we are eating. But is protein powder the way to go?

Protein powder is a quick and easy way for many people to get the protein they feel they need. Whether it’s for their weight training or weight loss, people are using the powder at a very alarming rate. However, most times people can get the protein they need from a proper nutrition program. Meat, fish, chicken and dairy products are high sources of protein. With chocolate milk recently brining itself to the forefront as an after workout drink, in many research articles.

. The issue with many protein powders is that you’re usually taking in too much. More is not better in this case, as the body will have a tough time breaking it all down. If you’re eating protein in your meals throughout the day, you likely aren’t that far off in your daily recommended protein intake. If you’re then adding more protein in the form of powder, your kidneys & liver may end up taking the brunt of the pain, not your muscles.

What does it mean? That means you may end up peeing out more of the powder than you absorb. So, your biggest benefit may be that you have more expensive bathroom breaks. As you can watch your money go down the drain.

A good balanced eating plan (not diet) will always be the best way to go. Try and get your sources from the food you eat, not powders. Unless it’s an absolute must, and doctor recommended.

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