Adult Athletes Must Workout

Let’s face it, the simple fact is none of us are as young as we once were. We’ve all aged, and all of our bodies have worn down. But many still do their best to stay active while playing sports as an adult with friends.

Whether it’s golfing, bowling, hockey or softball, more and more adults are playing sports. Which is great! The overwhelming cost of healthcare is soon to cripple many economies. So the more we can do now to help ourselves, the better the situation for everyone.

However, many are doing these sports without any sort of non sport training. No weight training, stretching or cardiovascular training. This can lead to more injuries, time missed doing your sport and possible and overall distance for being active. The goal as an adult is to enjoy playing the sports, and continue to play for a long time. So set yourself up for success.

Muscle elasticity is the ability of your muscle to stretch, then contract back to its original form. To help minimize injuries and increase performance, you need to improve the elasticity. This can be done with stretch and a specific weight training program.

A proper weight training program will help greatly reduce the war and tear on your body. Whether we like to admit it or not, our muscles and bones are not the same as when we played competitive youth sports. It takes more work, time and effort to keep everything “in shape” and in proper working order. The right exercises will also help your recovery time, and increase your overall enjoyment of your activities.

In the picture with the couple, we have both a recreational figure skater and a hockey player. They are working on their core and shoulders with this exercise, in an active movement setting. An exercise that is very specific to both of their current recreational activities.

If you’re going to play adult sports, do your body a favour and start working out. You’re teammates and you body will thank you for it. // 7807184805

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