Weights Will Not Make You Huge

Not everyone wants to have muscles bulging everywhere in their bodies. They don’t necessarily want to have their biceps showing when they lift everything, or a back that shows each and every muscle. However, that is the fear of many women when they start doing weight training. “I don’t want to be ripped”. Well guess what, the odds you get that ripped are very slim. The odds are better that you will see everyday life and overall health improvements in your body, without looking like a body builder. Here’s why.

You lift weights everyday, whether you realize it or not. Your body is a weight that you’re constantly lifting and moving. You’re carrying kids, grocery bags, sporting equipment, and much more. Each time you go up and down the stairs, or stand up from a seated position, you’ve lifted weights. The proper weight training program will make those everyday movements easier, while helping you lose body fat and create a healthier lifestyle.

Think of a piece of clothing that you’ve bought from a local chain store. You have a rip along the seam, and need it fixed. So, you do it yourself and create a better, stronger seam. Every time you do some weight training exercises, you create tears in your muscles. You need to build up those muscles again to become stronger. So, the protein in your body comes over to help build your muscles back up. Each time you’re working out, more and more protein is needed to help build. You need a lot of protein and muscle ripping to get those “huge” muscles. We are talking 2 pretty heavy workouts in a day. Plus, a lot of extra chicken breasts (good protein example) that you’ve thrown into your eating plan. Think of eating 3-4 per day, everyday, for a long time. That’s a lot of work, that the everyday gym goer is just not doing. So you don’t have to worry.

When you see those fitness competitors or ladies on the magazine, many times that is what they do for a living. Or, they’ve decided to dedicate themselves fully to that craft. Just like any form of work or competitive sport, they’ve decided to take it to the next level. Which is great for them, and works for their schedule and goals.

But this is not what the average person wants and achieves at the gym. Most times you see people looking to work on small goals, that fit their lifestyle. That let them go out and enjoy some pizza and beers with their friends, while not feeling guilty about it. Because they know they are putting in the work to work that off, and more.

Similar to our client Shawna in our weekly blog post, On My Weigh. She is coming close to being down 40lbs!!! All while still enjoying a meal out, or some treats at a movie.

The proper weight training program is for EVERYONE! We cannot stress that enough. Let us help you achieve your goals, to help you fit your lifestyle.

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