Shawna – On My Weigh – Week 7

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to weekly share her weight loss journey. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Well this week wasn’t as successful for me as far as getting to the gym goes. But I did do cardio on my own at home. Sunday I ended up going for a jog around my neighbourhood. Did 1.44 km in 14 minutes. Felt pretty good.  Monday I went for a bike ride to see how that would feel on my knees. Rode 8 km. Knees were a bit achy but not too bad. Then Tuesday I did my work out with my trainer. Felt like a rookie when he had me do some plank thing on the ginormous exercise ball. I was very coordinated lol After that I just did more running around my neighbourhood. I have a new shift that has me working until 7 now and I’m exhausted when I get home. I know, lame excuse. But at least I did get some cardio in, even if I didn’t make it to the gym. I even had a friend go with me this week 🙂

So really nothing much to write about this week. However, I hit a milestone. I got into the 260s on the weekend. 268.2 to be exact. As of January 1st I have lost 40.4 pounds!!!!  I went for a bike ride today and my knees are doing pretty good. Biked 12 km in 38 minutes. Not too bad. I guess my doctor was right about my arthritic knees…while losing weight won’t cure my arthritis I am definitely noticing the pain lessening more and more. It’s definitely giving me the motivation to keep going. Next mini goal is the 250s!!!!  And I know I’ll get there faster if I get my ass to the gym lol

I honestly wish I had more to talk about this week but it was just a ho hum week over all. So until next week…make healthy choices 🙂

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