Are Sit-Ups Bad For You?

No matter what you read these days, there’s always someone that’s bashing the use of crunches or sit-ups in an exercise routine.

Maybe you’re judging your trainer based on if they do or do not do them. Or you’ve gotten into an argument with your friends regarding them. But the truth is, any exercise done or used improperly is bad for you.

There are concerns with the overuse of sit-ups/crunches. Rolled shoulders, weak low back, neck issues, low back pain are some of the many concerns associated with these exercises. But you’ve also got to keep in mind, tons of people are doing these exercises, and seeing a tremendous amount of success with them.

The key is in moderation. There are definitely more effective and functional exercises that a sit-up. Using elastics, stability balls and the TRX can enhance your core workout. Even using your own body weight is a very effective tool, without having to lie on your back.

Always remember that sit-ups/crunches only work the front of the body. When we talk about the core, we are encompassing the front, side and back of your body. So if you’re looking to develop your core, they may not the best or most effective exercise to achieve your goals.

We make sure we put together a balanced program for all of our clients.

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