Who Motivates You?

Changing a habit that you’ve done forever is hard, very hard. If anyone tells you something different, they aren’t telling you the truth.

It takes determination, focus and a certain will power to get up the courage to make a change. Along your road, there will be a lot of ups and downs. You’ll have days where you’re feeling great, and days when you’re down in the dumps. But one thing can change that, YOU.

You can hire a trainer, nutrition coach, life coach, naturopath, chiropractor, massage therapist or someone to just yell at you for 24 hours in a day (that’d be kind of fun, for a while). But in the long run, it all comes down to how much YOU want it.

Are YOU willing to put down that extra piece of pizza to achieve your goals? When YOU are tired, will you still get up the gumption to go and do your workout? Those days that YOU just don’t feel like doing anything, will YOU go and do it anyways? The answer needs to be a resounding yes!!!

See, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You literally don’t have to do anything to get into it. But it’s hard to climb out of it. Think of all the positives that will come out of getting out of that rut:

• you’ll feel better

• your medical exams will be better and less frequent

• your body will love you more

• everything will function better

• your confidence will shoot up

Overall, it’s up to YOU to get up and do it. If you constantly rely on external motivators, what happens when they are gone? Teach yourself to believe and trust in YOU, and you will find your goals will be achieved at a much faster rate.

Hire a trainer that will help you change & recognize your habits. If they are just there to give you exercises, they may not have your long term lifestyle in mind.

Hire an Iron Fit trainer to become a part of your healthy lifestyle.


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