Posture Makes Perfect

You’ve probably heard the term, rolled shoulders or they walk hunched over. It’s a very common issue today, as we spend more time sitting, using a computer and driving. Your shoulders roll and you slouch forward, instead of being in line with the rest of your body. You may even notice your head protruding forward more than the rest of your body.

Ideally, you want your ears to line up with the tip of your shoulder. Which then lines up with your hip and your knee. However, everyday activities and improper training is leading to a lot of issues in this area.

You may not think of it when you’re younger, but how your body functions and it’s alignment will be important later in your life. Heck, it’s important now. But too often we are focused on how our muscles look instead of the more important part, how they function.

To help improve your rolled shoulders, there are a few things you can try. Keep in mind that you’ll need patience and be able to stick to your plan to reach your goal. It took a long time to get to the situation you’re in, it’s going to take a bit to balance it all out.

Start to stretch out your pectoral muscles (chest). If your pecs are too tight, it’ll start to pull your shoulders forward. It just makes sense. When something is tight, it pulls it in the direction that it’s tight. As you stretch your pecs, start to strengthen your upper back muscles.

If you strengthen your upper back and rear shoulder muscles, it’ll help pull your shoulders back. This is a key in improving your rolled shoulders. You need to pull those muscles back, as they have been stretched out. When they get stretched that far, they offer no support in helping retract and hold everything in place.

STOP the pushups. Sorry to tell you, but if all you do is pushups and nothing to help strengthen your back, you’re going to get rolled shoulders. If you must do those pushups, make sure you pickup an elastic band and do some rows to balance out the front work you are doing. Remember, every action has a reaction. And you want to make sure you are controlling that reaction, not letting it happen at random.

There are a ton of other exercises and routines you can do to help your issues. Get started on a program with us, and you’ll see your results properly and safely.

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