Why We Have A Scholarship

High school was terrible, can’t understate that. I didn’t realize I needed glasses until I was out of school, somy marks weren’t that great. After high school, I did a little upgrading to bump them up.

After toiling around as a real estate agent, an up and coming 5+ year employee at SportChek, and one year of the bachelor of education program, I decided training was the area I wanted to peruse. However, my high school marks weren’t the best. Specifically, biology.

Now, I took Science 10 twice, and I failed the biology part, twice. I loved chemistry and physics, but biology I just couldn’t grasp. So, in 2004, I applied to the NAIT PFT Program. Waiting, waiting, waiting and I hadn’t heard a positive or negative back from them. My online profile just said pending. So, I decided to call and see what was up.

If I’m not mistaken, John was the program head at that time. It was very competitive to get into the Personal Fitness Trainer Program. He explained to me that it just didn’t look like I had the marks. Specifically, that biology mark was really a black stain. Who knew you needed biology? Ugh.

So I made him a promise. If I don’t pull my weight, kick me out. If I don’t get at least Honor Roll when I’m there, boot me. I had to beg and plead over the phone with him. He finally gave in and let me into the program.

2 years later, I graduated with Honors from the program. During the first year, I actually made the Dean’s List. The second year, I wasn’t far under. I spent 120+ hours at my practicum in year 2, when I only needed to spend 60. My practicum was at a high school in St. Albert. I felt since NAIT gave me a chance, the least I could do was offer my services as much as I could back to someone else during my time there.

A few years after starting Iron Fit, I decided it was time to give back more to the program that helped me achieve a great career. I setup the $500, Iron Fit Personal Training Scholarship, which is awarded yearly to a first year PFT student. Marks are one part of achieving the scholarship, but so is completing volunteer work.

If someone at NAIT hadn’t given me the chance to prove myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 13 years in the industry, and in the 10th year of Iron Fit Personal Training. If we can give even one person at NAIT the chance with the $500 scholarship, it’s money well spent.


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