Shawna – On My Weigh – Ups & Downs

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Well here I am all registered for the next weightloss challenge through Epicure.  There wasn’t really one in the summer time, so I’m very eager to get this started again.  It officially started this past Monday (September 10).

Before I go any further with this blog, I need to be honest about something.  Not even my trainer knows this…but I ended up gaining some weight back over the summer.  I allowed myself way too many “treats” like steak dinners, hot dogs, ice cream, ice caps, and I just didn’t give it a second thought.  I also just kind of stopped caring…yay depression.  I also didn’t do much as far as exercise goes.  I still kept up with my personal training sessions, which were once per week.  But the other cardio wasn’t as great.  I did some swimming from time to time and did some running around my neighborhood, but not as much as I should have been doing.  I should be close to the 250s, but I’m not.  I gained too much back.  I can sit here and tell you all that I was too tired after working 8 hours a day (I WAS tired) or I could say I had other priorities (some days I did), but am I unique to these challenges?  Nope.  I’m sure not.  Yet others find the time…MAKE the time…to get some exercise.  So what the HELL is wrong with me??

So here I am…back at it with the weightloss challenge.  My first weigh in was this week.  So looking at the my weight watchers app, on July 6 I was down to 268.4.  When I weighed in just before this challenge, on September 8, two months later, my weight was 273.  This week at weight watchers I got back down to 270.  Actually the scale DID say 269.9 but then when it stopped, it stopped at 270…So next week the 260s will be mine again.  And like I said, I should have been in the 250s by now…but I let my excuses overrun my mind again.

This week, when the challenge started, I made a deal with myself.  You see, I have a ton of Walking Dead to watch because I am trying to get caught up…Ya, I started to watch that show lolol  Anyways, my deal is that I am not to watch any Netflix as long as my lazy ass is on some form of gym equipment.  So this week, between my treadmill and the elliptical at a friend’s gym, I got on some sort of fitness equipment each and every single day for almost an hour (the episodes are 45 to 51 minutes long).  I have never done exercise every day before, and I’ve never lasted almost an hour…cardio is so boring lololol

On this challenge, we are allowed one free meal per week, but I have zero desire to do that this time.  I WILL have a free meal from time to time (special occasions, holidays etc) but I don’t want to have one just because it’s there…I’m still very much a food addict and I need to get control of this if I am to lose any weight.

I do still have these stupid hormone issues in the way.  I am still seeing an endocrinologist and my numbers are still very much out of whack.  I was doing just the bare minimum, but with all the issues my stupid body has, that’s not going to cut it anymore.  While I was on my treadmill, I kept playing with the speed and incline to challenge my heart rate…keep it wondering what I was going to do next LOL.  Kind of like when my personal trainer changes the number of sets I do from time to time…keeps the body from being in the same old routine.

As boring as cardio is, I did it daily this week, and guess what…I’m ok.  And actually, I will admit that I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 269.8.  I didn’t want to share that.  For this challenge we submit our weights every 2 weeks, so I was going to wait until my next blog to share.  But I felt I needed to share this because it was the movement that made the scale move down again after 2-3 months of nothing.

So like I said, my personal trainer didn’t know, until now, about my gain.  I was too ashamed to confide in him.  But at our session on Saturday he was really excited about me being close to the 250s…and I couldn’t keep it from him any longer.  So if you’re reading this blog, it means he didn’t give up on me as a client and he still has faith in me that I will conquer whatever it is that is going on in my mind lately that has been holding me back.  Mark, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I let you down.

But…I think I can honestly say, I think I found my mojo again.  I want to annihilate this obesity and doing what I was doing this past summer won’t get me to my goal.

Well thanks for making it this far in my blog today.  I appreciate that you all follow my blog, despite of the trials and tribulations I seem to have been suffering until now.

Until next time, stay healthy.  I know that this time, I WILL be practicing what I preach.


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