Shawna – F Bomb, F Bomb…

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Warning…I dropped the F-bomb a few times. Also, the picture I am including this time is me on my treadmill. I know it’s not the elliptical, like my trainer likes me using. But I have to make sure my treadmill still works from time to time. Lol

Hello all.  So this past weekend was my first check in since submitting all my beginning stats for the weightloss challenge I joined.  And I managed to lose some weight 😊 My starting weight for the challenge was 274 and this Friday my scaled said 268.

So since my last blog, dated September 16, I’ve been sticking to my plan…food AND exercise.  Although due to my work schedule I didn’t get to see my trainer at all for the week of September 16 through the 22nd.  So that sucked.  I did, however, keep up with my cardio.  I didn’t get to a gym this week, because I was just too exhausted so I would go home and walk on my treadmill for an hour then had to nap.  I had to give in to the naps that week.  I felt like I couldn’t function WITHOUT a nap every day.  And let me tell ya…the nap sure helped.  Anyway…

I went out of town on September 21 (Friday) and returned home Sunday.  I did really well on my food plan, considering we didn’t have access to a kitchen or anything.  I bought lots of fruit, veggies and chicken for the weekend.  We went to Calgary for our annual boardgame convention and this year I volunteered so thankfully in our volunteer room we had a small hotel-sized fridge to use so I was able to keep my chicken and stuff in there.  So anyway, food wise it was a good weekend.  I didn’t do much for exercise but I did go off site to go shopping (groceries).  I ended up getting myself lost in some area of Calgary lolol  So I did alot of walking to find where I had to catch the bus to get back on site.  It wasn’t much….I was gone about 2 hours…but every small step counts.

So I came home on Sunday, and on Monday I did my usual “post-trip weigh in.”  I know I told myself I would stop being so friggen obsessed with the stupid scale, but it has become a habit of mine…I weigh myself the morning I leave and then I weigh myself the morning after I get home.  So Friday before I left my scale read 268.6 and on Monday it read 272…I just didn’t understand why.  Yes, I slacked for working out…but my food intake was really good; as well as my water intake…I made sure to drink my water.  Thankfully I was seeing my personal trainer that morning.  I woke up feeling really really sick, but I still went and worked out with him, as much as I didn’t want to…

The next few days weren’t all that good…I was really under the weather so I didn’t do much for exercising.  I came home and crashed almost as soon as supper was done.  And on my split I came home and napped.  My body was fighting something…I don’t know what.  But I kept up with eating great…not once piece of junk food entered my mouth.  YAY ME!  Oh and I also started my afternoon work at westmount this past week, so I walked from our bus division to westmount almost every day, which took me 37 minutes each time. Every step counts.

Friday, September 28 I went on a last minute camping trip with a good friend.  She was going for one more weekend and she invited me.  So I said sure I’ll go.  So I went to weight watchers first before leaving…267.8 is what I weighed in Friday morning.  So I lost the 4 pounds I gained from my Calgary trip. So that was good!

Well, here I am, home again, and I did my “post-trip weigh in” and what the EFF…MY SCALE READ 278?!?!?!?!?!  How the HELL did I gain 10 pounds in TWO DAYS????  I did NOT eat 10 pounds worth of food in 2 fucking days.  I hate my body…I really do.  And I think I need some intervention because maybe I shouldn’t have stepped on the scale.  I should only be stepping on it for my weigh ins.  I feel like it’s just make my feel discouraged and defeated.  I know I didn’t drink alot of water.  I drank alot of coffee and diet coke…so I’m hoping that it’s just my body retaining water and that in a few days it’ll all get back to normal.  But 2 weekends in a row I went out of town and 2 weekends in a row I gained weight…If my body is going to do that….maybe I just need to never go anywhere again.  But that’s not going to happen.  I have another weekend away coming up in a week, and then in November I’m gone to Vegas and then Dallas for 8 days…if 2 days is going to make me gain 10 pounds…what is 8 days going to do???

This journey isn’t very fun, and I’m not enjoying it at all.  I know what my personal trainer is going to say….elliptical elliptical elliptical.  But the frustrated part of me just wants to say fuck it…This doesn’t seem worth it.  But I know it is.  I really do know it is.  I have spend the last 20 years of my life overweight, unhealthy, unhappy…I wasted my kids’ childhoods being to tired to do anything with them.  I need to show them that I can be someone else…someone who makes healthy choices and I HAVE been making healthy choice lately.  The last 4 weeks since joining the challenge I haven’t made many bad choices.  And for what?  I go away for a few days and it all comes back into my body…I know it’s likely just stupid water retention and that everything will be back to normal again in a few days…I’m just frustrated that I can’t seem to go off plan even just a smidge once in awhile.  Ya, ok I just proofread my blog…it sounds like I’m on a pity party right now and maybe I am.  But I honestly have been soooooo good this last month.

Okay…I don’t know if you guys are still following my slow journey.  But if you still are, thank you.  And if anyone has any advice for me, do please get in touch with me…I give my trainer permission to give out my number…not that it’s hard to find me on facebook lol

Thank you for reading my struggles…and other than the 2 weekends that caused gains, I actually have had a great 2 weeks!  And this week I’m just going to have to stay focused that much more.  OH, AND NO MORE STEPPING ON THE SCALE UNTIL WEIGH IN!!!!!

Until next time…stay healthy.  I’m doing what I can to do the same.

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