Success Takes Time

We’ve all seen the infomercial showing how to “get a 6 pack in just ….. days”. Funny thing is, lots of those people are fitness models or competitors. Or, they have been told to gain a few pounds, to show easy before and after. Amazing isn’t it? However, how long does it really take to lose some weight? To gain the inches your looking for on bulking?
The average safe and effective weight loss per week is 1-3 pounds. Keep in mind, that’s the average, not the norm. Some people may lose 5 pounds a week, and some may lose 1/2 a pound. There’s no perfect science to say how much you’re going to lose.
Guess what, there’s going to be some weeks where you lose nothing, or you gain! Oh my word, you may gain? Yup. 
There will be ups and downs in your fitness journey. You will have some weeks where you kick some serious butt. You will then have weeks where your butt gets kicked by the world. That’s life. If everyone was perfect, there’d be no need to all this dieting and crazy workout stuff.
It’s all about setting realistic, attainable goals, and making sure that you have more up weeks than down weeks. We work with all of our clients to not let you get too high, and not let you get too low. It’s about adjusting to your personality & lifestyle. Iron Fit trainers can make it work for you. 
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