Who Cares What You Lift?

Who Cares What You Lift?

Remember when you told people you worked out, and got asked “how much you lift” or “how much do you squat”?  Ya, you likely still get asked that. But in the long run, who cares?

The amount of weight you lift is almost irrelevant. That’s great that you can bench press 200 pounds. Going to be lifting a car anytime soon? I know in my regular everyday activities, I put 150lbs on my shoulders and squat. No you don’t, and no I don’t.

Your form and your reasoning for doing the exercises is more important than how much you lift. If you’re looking to be functional in your day to day life, knowing how much you can do on a cable pec fly while not having your back supported is much more important than knowing how much you can lie down and press. 

Weight training has come a long ways from using machines and doing everything as heavy as you can. Find and develop a program to suit YOUR lifestyle needs, not what you can brag about doing.

Did I lose you at what a cable pec fly was? Give us a call, we would be happy to help you out on your path to reach your health & fitness potential.

Mark Kay

Owner, Iron Fit Personal Training  

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