Health Professionals Aren’t Equal

Watch Your Health Professional

Not everyone is created equal, or has your best interests in mind.

What do we mean when we classify someone as a “Health Professional”? You would use this term when you talk about your post secondary education trainer, massage therapist, physio therapist, chiropractor, doctor, acupuncturist and anyone else that has a form of educated training in the health profession. However, you need to be careful who you’re trusting with your body.

If you’re going to see any form of health professional, they should be giving you homework to do. Sometimes you need to ask for this, but it should be readily available. We will use a chiropractor for example in this case.

If your chiropractor aligns you, but doesn’t give you any exercises to help adjust those muscles to keep things in place, what are you paying for? Your body will eventually fall back into its wrong alignment, as that’s what the muscles know to do. But if they give you homework, and you actually do it, you won’t need to go back to them as often. Sure, that may hurt their business, but they fixed you. And if they fix you, you will tell someone how great they did, and that person may go see them. So in the long run, it won’t hurt their business if they are helping you correctly. They will get referrals.

Here’s a biiiiiiiiig secret. Health professionals should not want to see you the rest of your life. Or better put, we shouldn’t want you to depend on us for everything the rest of your years. Sure, you may need to come for that pick me up, new routine, something else got injured, whatever. But the correct health professional should be leaving you with long lasting success, if you yourself have put in the extra work you’ve been given.

And never, ever, ever tell your professional how many sessions insurance or your coverage covers you for. We should always be striving to get you as healthy as we can in a quick, safe and effective manner. You don’t want your health professional assuming they have that many times to help you out.

It’s all about looking out for you, and your best interests. Make sure you find someone who cares about you, your life and your family. An invested professional will go a long way.

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