Heat Wave Hydration

Heat Wave Hydration

It’s been a scorching summer out here in Edmonton and the surrounding area. It seems like there are way more of the 25 + degree days this summer. We are outside enjoying the weather a ton, but we need to stay hydrated to stay safe. Just wearing a hat and sunscreen is not enough, you need to keep your body stored. And it’s not as hard as you think it is.

If you’re drinking when you’re thirsty, it’s already too late! When you start to crave water, that means you’ve started on your path to dehydration.

Our bodies are made up of 55-75% water, and it acts as a cooling system for our body. Think of it as the AC unit for your body, helping control your temperature through your sweat. When we turn on any AC unit when we are hot, we instantly feel gratification. Think of that happening inside your body. The most important thing you deal with every, single, day.

It’s starting to become a tricky thing to realize how much water we need in a day. There’s so much confusing information out there, so you need to try and make it as simple as you can. Try to start out with the standard 8 glasses of water a day. Those are 8, 8 ounce glasses. What the heck is an 8 ounce glass?!? That’s definitely confusing. But you can try to stick with your standard drinking glass, to help you get started.

Don’t let yourself get to the point of having the shakes, feeling light headed or dizzy. Drink up, drink lots during this wave.

Shawna – On My Weigh – Is This Worth It?

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey, info@ironfit.ca, 7807184805***

I’m not even sure what to talk about this week. I’ve crawled under some kind of emotional rock and can’t seem to get myself back out. I do my one work out a week with my personal trainer and I do 1 or 2 cardio workouts at home. Sometimes on my treadmill. Sometimes I run outside in my neighbourhood. There is a loop I like to run that equals approximately 2 km. Maybe a bit less. I just don’t understand it. Because I was going so strong between January and May. I wish I could make other people understand that I’m not making these excuses just for the fun of it. I truly do feel like my head is just in some weird place right now. I feel the way I did way back when my depression was at a low. And while I haven’t hit that horrible bottom that I reached back then, I just feel…well like I’ve lost my mojo.

I made a comment to my trainer the other day that it did truly feel good to be at the gym. I even showed up with a migraine that I had woken up with instead of cancelling on him.  So it’s not like I WANT to slack (for lack of a better word). This isn’t an easy journey for me. I have a lot of emotional struggles I deal with on a daily basis. And yes, my workouts suffer. I guess I’m that “all or nothing” person. I don’t drag my ass to the gym because I would rather go home than have a mediocre workout. I know. I know. Shawna you’re falling back into your old self where you made excuses. And while I do know this, I still don’t do anything to stop the cycle.

My next triathlon is August 12. And while I know it’s my own fault that I’m not at the mini goal we set for me, I still am 20 pounds lighter than I was last year.  That’s still gotta count for something, no?

And I know I can’t be the only person in this world who has had depression and couldn’t find the motivation to do what she knows needs to be done. And I know that working out is suppose to help with depression…according to stuff I read. I know all of this. It’s just getting my ass into gear. How badly do I want to lose this weight and be healthy?  I just have to keep asking myself this question to hopefully remotivate me.

I apologize to everyone who is likely looking forward to happy, successful blogs. I feel like I’ve not only let myself down, but that I’ve also let you all down with my last few blogs. And I’m hoping that by continuing this blog, it’ll help me get back into it…because next blog in two weeks I really don’t want to talk about more failures again. So yes, I’ll keep at this blog in the hopes that my emotional mind will kick my ass into gear by reminding myself that I have others who I now have to report to.

Thank you for having patience with me while I work through some crap. And thank you for continuing to read my blogs. It does mean a lot to me.

Until next time…I’ll keep you all inside my head as my cheerleaders 🙂 And if anyone has any advice or kind words on how the heck to get over this emotional bump, please feel free to share!


To Machine Or Not To Machine?

Machines vs. Free Weights

There’s an ongoing debate about whether you should use machines or free weights for your workouts. It really all depends on the type of workout you’re looking to do, and the goals that you are looking to achieve.

The biggest difference is your core activation, and the stability placed on your joints/muscles.

When you’re using machines, you’re generally supported. When you become supported, it’s a lot harder to activate and engage your core for your workouts. However, you will be able to specifically train the muscle group you are looking to focus on. So if you’re looking to just train the one specific muscle/muscle group, the machines may be the best way to go. This form of training is used a lot when you’re doing a form of injury rehab.

When you go into free weights (barbells, dumbbells, cables, TRX, etc) you’re getting much more core activation during your workouts. You may have heard the term “functional training” thrown around a lot these days. Exercises where you don’t use machines are generally more adaptable to your everyday life. When in your day do you sit down in a chair and push anything in-front of you? But if you work your chest while leaning with the cables, you’ll get the benefit of a chest workout, as well as a core workout. Win- win, and you can cut down on your time in the gym (if you’d like).

But you can incorporate the right balance of machines and free weights. There is no 100% correct way to train. The best way to train is to find a trainer that will learn everything about your body, then create a strong program around your bodies needs.

It’s all about finding balance. Contact an Iron Fit Trainer to find the balance you need to reach your goals.

Shawna – On My Weigh – Gains Happen Fast

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey, info@ironfit.ca, 7807184805***

This week, I don’t have anything really new to talk about.  I mean, all I ever really talk about is my workouts.  This week, I dunno…I feel like I just need to vent.  Because I need to tell you…this losing weight and getting healthy…some days it seems like it’s over-friggen-rated.

Why am I talking like this, you may be asking me.  Because I was doing sooooooo well.  Well, here’s the thing, the last time you heard from me, I mentioned that maybe this blog would find me in the 250s but sadly I am not.  So let’s start at the beginning…well, just from the beginning of last blog lolol

So I went camping the weekend of July 6-8.  I didn’t stay on plan, but I also didn’t pig out.  Or maybe I did.  I’ll just break it down so that maybe someone can say “yes Shawna, you actually DID pig out”  Okay so…Friday night we arrived.  Supper was hot dogs.  I had 2.  Nothing on the side.  Just 2 hotdogs.  Then later by the campfire I had 2 s’mores.  We made them just with those digestive cookies with one side that has chocolate on it.  So yes, I had a nice camping treat, but I don’t feel like 2 of them was over doing it.

Next day, Saturday, for breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs and 3 slices of bacon.  Lunch was smokies…no bun…I had 2.  Plus approximately 1/4 cup each of potato salad and macaroni salad.  And some cheese.  Supper I had steak (this, I WILL admit was a huuuuuge steak), 1 piece of corn on the cob, 1 baked potato.  For evening snacks I had some chips.  I opened one big bag, and gave myself a small bowl…saved the chips for the next day.  By the fire that night, we had more s’mores.  I had 2 again.  We also had a little bit of candy from the candy store.

Next morning, Sunday,  I had 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon and approximately 1/4 cup of shredded hashbrowns.  Mighta been slightly more, but it was no more than 1/2 cup…I have gotten a bit good at knowing amounts from weighing and measuring everything.  For lunch, I actually can’t even remember what the heck I had but since I didn’t bring anything for meat, other than smokies, hot dogs and steak, I THINK I had more smokies.  No bun again.  2 of them.  And I had potato salad and macaroni salad again.  Not alot, because I only brought the smallest container that you can get at the store…and I shared it with 2 other people.  Supper I had 2 hot dogs and some cheese.

Drinking…I had water and diet coke.

So why did I share all of this with you?  Because here’s the thing…on Friday, before heading out of town, I had weigh in at weight watchers, and I was 268.4 and just for fun, I weighed myself Monday morning when I was back from camping because I was curious what that weekend “cost me” pound wise.  The scale read 276. What the…  8 pounds in one weekend???  I knew it wasn’t all fat gain and that some of it was sodium and likely a bit of water retention.  No biggie…I figured I would lose it in a few days once my system got back on track and once I drank tons of water to flush it all out.  Because usually when I have a bad food day, or weekend, it comes off in a few days.  Well, not this time…I weighed myself every couple days…ya ya ya…STOP OBSESSING ABOUT THE SCALE.  But I can’t help it.  Anyway, it took me until today, when I weighed in at weight watchers to get back down.  Today I am back to 267.4.

And this is where I am left to wonder about weightloss.  I am human.  I WILL go camping and I WILL eat smokies, and chips and s’mores.  I just don’t get how it can affect the body THAT DRASTICALLY.  I need to be able to enjoy myself without always worrying that I’m going to put on 8 pounds in 2 freaking days!  Some people will say “was it worth it?” or “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” but you know what…screw them.  Realistically I’m not going to stop eating junk food.  I don’t eat it as much as I use to, that’s for sure.  I got to 208 because I was eating junk almost daily.  Now, I eat junk maybe once a week…not even that some weeks.  I haven’t eaten junk food since that camping weekend.  Oh, I lied…I went to ribfest with the husband between the camping trip and this weekend.

So as you can see, I am just having a whole lot of frustrations lately because some days, I just want to say fuck it, and go eat a whole fucking pizza because I am human and sometimes, I just want a whole fucking pizza.  Okay, I won’t get a pizza…I will have horrible heartburn lol  But you get my drift.

The next few weeks, I am hoping to see a huge improvement on the scale, because my shifts are all done be 1:30 in the afternoon, so while I WILL be waking up stupid early, at least being done that early will give me time to go to the gym after work and not worry about having to have dinner at 8 PM.

Well, if you made it this far, thank you for listening.  Sometimes all we need on this journey is to just vent a little bit.  And I know I can’t be the only one on this journey I call weightloss who has these thoughts…

Well until next time…I am going to the healthiest me I can be.

Health Professionals Aren’t Equal

Watch Your Health Professional

Not everyone is created equal, or has your best interests in mind.

What do we mean when we classify someone as a “Health Professional”? You would use this term when you talk about your post secondary education trainer, massage therapist, physio therapist, chiropractor, doctor, acupuncturist and anyone else that has a form of educated training in the health profession. However, you need to be careful who you’re trusting with your body.

If you’re going to see any form of health professional, they should be giving you homework to do. Sometimes you need to ask for this, but it should be readily available. We will use a chiropractor for example in this case.

If your chiropractor aligns you, but doesn’t give you any exercises to help adjust those muscles to keep things in place, what are you paying for? Your body will eventually fall back into its wrong alignment, as that’s what the muscles know to do. But if they give you homework, and you actually do it, you won’t need to go back to them as often. Sure, that may hurt their business, but they fixed you. And if they fix you, you will tell someone how great they did, and that person may go see them. So in the long run, it won’t hurt their business if they are helping you correctly. They will get referrals.

Here’s a biiiiiiiiig secret. Health professionals should not want to see you the rest of your life. Or better put, we shouldn’t want you to depend on us for everything the rest of your years. Sure, you may need to come for that pick me up, new routine, something else got injured, whatever. But the correct health professional should be leaving you with long lasting success, if you yourself have put in the extra work you’ve been given.

And never, ever, ever tell your professional how many sessions insurance or your coverage covers you for. We should always be striving to get you as healthy as we can in a quick, safe and effective manner. You don’t want your health professional assuming they have that many times to help you out.

It’s all about looking out for you, and your best interests. Make sure you find someone who cares about you, your life and your family. An invested professional will go a long way.

Shawna – On My Weigh – Mental Struggles

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey, info@ironfit.ca, 7807184805***

Hello my faithful followers. So we decided to just do this blog every two weeks, instead of weekly. We shall see how that goes. Lol

Lots has happened. I think hahahaha. The first thing that happened is I got the green light from my physio therapist to resume running and biking!!!  That made me super happy. Especially because my next triathlon is August 12 and I want to start training. My 16 year old is joining me this year so I’m excited about that. It’s the St. Albert triathlon and it’s my favourite one to do. I’m not crazy about the hills, but the rest of it is pretty fun. And I love that I’m doing it with my daughter.

Work outs are going ok. I’m seeing my personal trainer once a week still. I have added the odd second one with him. My daughter has even joined me a couple times. Which has been really fun. I love including her in my workouts. I think she’s enjoying them as well.

Weight watchers is going well. I did have a small gain this week of 1.6 pounds but I’m still below the 270s, which is where I want to be. Well not forever but I mean I don’t want to get back into the 270s ever ever ever again.

So the triathlon I am training for is just a Try-it distance. So I’m swimming 250 metres, biking 10 km and running 2.5 km. So I have done the swimming and biking practice already. I was able to do my 250 metres in about 9 minutes. So that was great!  My plan is to beat last year’s times and at this weight as of today I am about 30 pounds lighter than last year. Might be 20…I would have to look in my journal that I have for keeping track of my triathlons but as I write this I am sitting in my sister’s camper at a camping resort.  And well, I didn’t bring my triathlon journal with me lol. So ya, if I can be 30-40 pounds lighter this year, then I think I have a good shot at beating my times!!   It’s a great goal for me to go for. And my ultimate goal???  To do a full triathlon again. Yes…again. My first two years of triathlons I did the sprint distances. Then I gained weight and caused my body to not work in my favor. 

I have to admit something though. The last few workouts I have been struggling with some negative mental thoughts. Some days I just feel like this isn’t worth it. Why is it that some weeks when I am 100% on plan, and working out a lot, I don’t lose much and some people who barely try, can lose 3 pounds in a week. I know…my hormone issues don’t help. But you know, it IS frustrating. To the point where I feel like crying during my workouts sometimes. I don’t want a magic pill, but I really do wish this was easier than it has been. Alot of my frustrations are also towards myself. I can’t believe I allowed myself to get to this point.

This current challenge I’m doing through Epicure is coming to a close. We have 2 weigh ins left. I know I won’t be winning this one. But that’s ok. I know I’m still lighter than when I started three months ago. The next one starts in September. And I look forward to it!!

Well, that’s all I really have to say for now. Maybe in my blog two weeks from now, I’ll be in the 250s. Realistically that IS possible. So we shall see.

Until then, stay healthy!

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