Shawna – On My Weigh – This Takes Forever…

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey each month. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Hello my faithful readers.  It’s been a while.  I’ve decided to do this blog once a month.  I felt like every 2 weeks was too much for me.  It put pressure on me if I had a bad week and the scaled showed this.  And then I had to come here and tell you all about it.  In the beginning, I thought this blog would motivate me a little bit more to stay on plan…because how embarrassing to have to share your failures with a bunch of people.  But some weeks, it really doesn’t do much to keep me motivated.  I really don’t know what will.

I’m trying something different…I joined Orange Theory Fitness on top of doing personal training sessions.  And let me tell you…I absolutely love it!  I love the group setting…and I’m already making friends with some of the regulars I see.  I also really the coached sessions.  So I’m hoping with this new routine I’ve added, that I’ll start to see progress with my fitness level. 

I haven’t been all that great with food choices over the past 2 weeks, I will admit.  I haven’t gained, but I’m not losing…I’m not necessarily pigging out or anything…just haven’t been making great choices.  So my workout sessions have just really been cancelling out the bad food choices.  And I know that I’ll find it again.  I found it once, way back in January/February/March-ish…I know I have it in me.  I just need to kick myself in the ass.

I’m still dealing with the hormonal stuff…that part of my life is really starting to get me down.  I can’t even really talk about it here…but I have joined a couple support groups for other people who suffer from PCOS because until you have it…you really don’t truly get what is going through my mind…And I don’t really feel like putting any of that in here.  Just know that I’m getting tired of getting the run around from all the doctors. They send me for blood tests only to show that yup, my numbers haven’t changed. So they send me away and tell me that they will check my levels in 6 months. 6 months later…more blood tests, same stupid results, but no fixes. So here I sit…with a body full of whacked-out hormones, and no one will fix me. Anyway…got away from myself there.

So ya, I’m still here and I’m still trying to fight my way back to where I know I can be…It just might take some time…more time than what it has already taken.

I know it’s been a while since I last updated this and I SHOULD have lots to talk about…but I don’t. I’m really not feeling it right now and maybe next month I’ll have something interesting to talk about. I can only hope.

Thank you for being here for me…even if I’ve never met you.  I know that there are other people out there who are struggling with this healthy lifestyle and maybe I just needed to let this out in the hopes that someone has some insights to share…

Until next month, I shall keep trucking on.

Shawna – F Bomb, F Bomb…

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Warning…I dropped the F-bomb a few times. Also, the picture I am including this time is me on my treadmill. I know it’s not the elliptical, like my trainer likes me using. But I have to make sure my treadmill still works from time to time. Lol

Hello all.  So this past weekend was my first check in since submitting all my beginning stats for the weightloss challenge I joined.  And I managed to lose some weight 😊 My starting weight for the challenge was 274 and this Friday my scaled said 268.

So since my last blog, dated September 16, I’ve been sticking to my plan…food AND exercise.  Although due to my work schedule I didn’t get to see my trainer at all for the week of September 16 through the 22nd.  So that sucked.  I did, however, keep up with my cardio.  I didn’t get to a gym this week, because I was just too exhausted so I would go home and walk on my treadmill for an hour then had to nap.  I had to give in to the naps that week.  I felt like I couldn’t function WITHOUT a nap every day.  And let me tell ya…the nap sure helped.  Anyway…

I went out of town on September 21 (Friday) and returned home Sunday.  I did really well on my food plan, considering we didn’t have access to a kitchen or anything.  I bought lots of fruit, veggies and chicken for the weekend.  We went to Calgary for our annual boardgame convention and this year I volunteered so thankfully in our volunteer room we had a small hotel-sized fridge to use so I was able to keep my chicken and stuff in there.  So anyway, food wise it was a good weekend.  I didn’t do much for exercise but I did go off site to go shopping (groceries).  I ended up getting myself lost in some area of Calgary lolol  So I did alot of walking to find where I had to catch the bus to get back on site.  It wasn’t much….I was gone about 2 hours…but every small step counts.

So I came home on Sunday, and on Monday I did my usual “post-trip weigh in.”  I know I told myself I would stop being so friggen obsessed with the stupid scale, but it has become a habit of mine…I weigh myself the morning I leave and then I weigh myself the morning after I get home.  So Friday before I left my scale read 268.6 and on Monday it read 272…I just didn’t understand why.  Yes, I slacked for working out…but my food intake was really good; as well as my water intake…I made sure to drink my water.  Thankfully I was seeing my personal trainer that morning.  I woke up feeling really really sick, but I still went and worked out with him, as much as I didn’t want to…

The next few days weren’t all that good…I was really under the weather so I didn’t do much for exercising.  I came home and crashed almost as soon as supper was done.  And on my split I came home and napped.  My body was fighting something…I don’t know what.  But I kept up with eating great…not once piece of junk food entered my mouth.  YAY ME!  Oh and I also started my afternoon work at westmount this past week, so I walked from our bus division to westmount almost every day, which took me 37 minutes each time. Every step counts.

Friday, September 28 I went on a last minute camping trip with a good friend.  She was going for one more weekend and she invited me.  So I said sure I’ll go.  So I went to weight watchers first before leaving…267.8 is what I weighed in Friday morning.  So I lost the 4 pounds I gained from my Calgary trip. So that was good!

Well, here I am, home again, and I did my “post-trip weigh in” and what the EFF…MY SCALE READ 278?!?!?!?!?!  How the HELL did I gain 10 pounds in TWO DAYS????  I did NOT eat 10 pounds worth of food in 2 fucking days.  I hate my body…I really do.  And I think I need some intervention because maybe I shouldn’t have stepped on the scale.  I should only be stepping on it for my weigh ins.  I feel like it’s just make my feel discouraged and defeated.  I know I didn’t drink alot of water.  I drank alot of coffee and diet coke…so I’m hoping that it’s just my body retaining water and that in a few days it’ll all get back to normal.  But 2 weekends in a row I went out of town and 2 weekends in a row I gained weight…If my body is going to do that….maybe I just need to never go anywhere again.  But that’s not going to happen.  I have another weekend away coming up in a week, and then in November I’m gone to Vegas and then Dallas for 8 days…if 2 days is going to make me gain 10 pounds…what is 8 days going to do???

This journey isn’t very fun, and I’m not enjoying it at all.  I know what my personal trainer is going to say….elliptical elliptical elliptical.  But the frustrated part of me just wants to say fuck it…This doesn’t seem worth it.  But I know it is.  I really do know it is.  I have spend the last 20 years of my life overweight, unhealthy, unhappy…I wasted my kids’ childhoods being to tired to do anything with them.  I need to show them that I can be someone else…someone who makes healthy choices and I HAVE been making healthy choice lately.  The last 4 weeks since joining the challenge I haven’t made many bad choices.  And for what?  I go away for a few days and it all comes back into my body…I know it’s likely just stupid water retention and that everything will be back to normal again in a few days…I’m just frustrated that I can’t seem to go off plan even just a smidge once in awhile.  Ya, ok I just proofread my blog…it sounds like I’m on a pity party right now and maybe I am.  But I honestly have been soooooo good this last month.

Okay…I don’t know if you guys are still following my slow journey.  But if you still are, thank you.  And if anyone has any advice for me, do please get in touch with me…I give my trainer permission to give out my number…not that it’s hard to find me on facebook lol

Thank you for reading my struggles…and other than the 2 weekends that caused gains, I actually have had a great 2 weeks!  And this week I’m just going to have to stay focused that much more.  OH, AND NO MORE STEPPING ON THE SCALE UNTIL WEIGH IN!!!!!

Until next time…stay healthy.  I’m doing what I can to do the same.

Shawna – On My Weigh – Ups & Downs

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Well here I am all registered for the next weightloss challenge through Epicure.  There wasn’t really one in the summer time, so I’m very eager to get this started again.  It officially started this past Monday (September 10).

Before I go any further with this blog, I need to be honest about something.  Not even my trainer knows this…but I ended up gaining some weight back over the summer.  I allowed myself way too many “treats” like steak dinners, hot dogs, ice cream, ice caps, and I just didn’t give it a second thought.  I also just kind of stopped caring…yay depression.  I also didn’t do much as far as exercise goes.  I still kept up with my personal training sessions, which were once per week.  But the other cardio wasn’t as great.  I did some swimming from time to time and did some running around my neighborhood, but not as much as I should have been doing.  I should be close to the 250s, but I’m not.  I gained too much back.  I can sit here and tell you all that I was too tired after working 8 hours a day (I WAS tired) or I could say I had other priorities (some days I did), but am I unique to these challenges?  Nope.  I’m sure not.  Yet others find the time…MAKE the time…to get some exercise.  So what the HELL is wrong with me??

So here I am…back at it with the weightloss challenge.  My first weigh in was this week.  So looking at the my weight watchers app, on July 6 I was down to 268.4.  When I weighed in just before this challenge, on September 8, two months later, my weight was 273.  This week at weight watchers I got back down to 270.  Actually the scale DID say 269.9 but then when it stopped, it stopped at 270…So next week the 260s will be mine again.  And like I said, I should have been in the 250s by now…but I let my excuses overrun my mind again.

This week, when the challenge started, I made a deal with myself.  You see, I have a ton of Walking Dead to watch because I am trying to get caught up…Ya, I started to watch that show lolol  Anyways, my deal is that I am not to watch any Netflix as long as my lazy ass is on some form of gym equipment.  So this week, between my treadmill and the elliptical at a friend’s gym, I got on some sort of fitness equipment each and every single day for almost an hour (the episodes are 45 to 51 minutes long).  I have never done exercise every day before, and I’ve never lasted almost an hour…cardio is so boring lololol

On this challenge, we are allowed one free meal per week, but I have zero desire to do that this time.  I WILL have a free meal from time to time (special occasions, holidays etc) but I don’t want to have one just because it’s there…I’m still very much a food addict and I need to get control of this if I am to lose any weight.

I do still have these stupid hormone issues in the way.  I am still seeing an endocrinologist and my numbers are still very much out of whack.  I was doing just the bare minimum, but with all the issues my stupid body has, that’s not going to cut it anymore.  While I was on my treadmill, I kept playing with the speed and incline to challenge my heart rate…keep it wondering what I was going to do next LOL.  Kind of like when my personal trainer changes the number of sets I do from time to time…keeps the body from being in the same old routine.

As boring as cardio is, I did it daily this week, and guess what…I’m ok.  And actually, I will admit that I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 269.8.  I didn’t want to share that.  For this challenge we submit our weights every 2 weeks, so I was going to wait until my next blog to share.  But I felt I needed to share this because it was the movement that made the scale move down again after 2-3 months of nothing.

So like I said, my personal trainer didn’t know, until now, about my gain.  I was too ashamed to confide in him.  But at our session on Saturday he was really excited about me being close to the 250s…and I couldn’t keep it from him any longer.  So if you’re reading this blog, it means he didn’t give up on me as a client and he still has faith in me that I will conquer whatever it is that is going on in my mind lately that has been holding me back.  Mark, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I let you down.

But…I think I can honestly say, I think I found my mojo again.  I want to annihilate this obesity and doing what I was doing this past summer won’t get me to my goal.

Well thanks for making it this far in my blog today.  I appreciate that you all follow my blog, despite of the trials and tribulations I seem to have been suffering until now.

Until next time, stay healthy.  I know that this time, I WILL be practicing what I preach.


Why We Have A Scholarship

High school was terrible, can’t understate that. I didn’t realize I needed glasses until I was out of school, somy marks weren’t that great. After high school, I did a little upgrading to bump them up.

After toiling around as a real estate agent, an up and coming 5+ year employee at SportChek, and one year of the bachelor of education program, I decided training was the area I wanted to peruse. However, my high school marks weren’t the best. Specifically, biology.

Now, I took Science 10 twice, and I failed the biology part, twice. I loved chemistry and physics, but biology I just couldn’t grasp. So, in 2004, I applied to the NAIT PFT Program. Waiting, waiting, waiting and I hadn’t heard a positive or negative back from them. My online profile just said pending. So, I decided to call and see what was up.

If I’m not mistaken, John was the program head at that time. It was very competitive to get into the Personal Fitness Trainer Program. He explained to me that it just didn’t look like I had the marks. Specifically, that biology mark was really a black stain. Who knew you needed biology? Ugh.

So I made him a promise. If I don’t pull my weight, kick me out. If I don’t get at least Honor Roll when I’m there, boot me. I had to beg and plead over the phone with him. He finally gave in and let me into the program.

2 years later, I graduated with Honors from the program. During the first year, I actually made the Dean’s List. The second year, I wasn’t far under. I spent 120+ hours at my practicum in year 2, when I only needed to spend 60. My practicum was at a high school in St. Albert. I felt since NAIT gave me a chance, the least I could do was offer my services as much as I could back to someone else during my time there.

A few years after starting Iron Fit, I decided it was time to give back more to the program that helped me achieve a great career. I setup the $500, Iron Fit Personal Training Scholarship, which is awarded yearly to a first year PFT student. Marks are one part of achieving the scholarship, but so is completing volunteer work.

If someone at NAIT hadn’t given me the chance to prove myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 13 years in the industry, and in the 10th year of Iron Fit Personal Training. If we can give even one person at NAIT the chance with the $500 scholarship, it’s money well spent.


Personal Fitness Trainer / Owner

Iron Fit Personal Training

(780) 718-4805

Shawna – On My Weigh – Tips Needed!!!

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

Hello my readers. My apologies for the late blog this week. I was certain I had another week to go. But my how time flies. I wasn’t going to post a blog this week at all, once it was determined that I’m due to write one. You see, I’m feeling a bit like a fraud lately. I am truly struggling, mentally. And as much as my ever so patient personal trainer keeps trying to encourage me to get myself out of this mental block, I just can’t seem to.  Did I go too strong in the beginning, causing my mind to feel overwhelmed when my weightloss slowed down?  I don’t know. I’m not an expert. All I know is, if I don’t get out of this funk, butt-quick, I’m going to end up at rock bottom again. And I sure as shit don’t want to be in THAT place again!!!

I have been keeping up with my once a week training sessions. Still can’t get back to twice a week. There are too many other financial obligations going on in my household at the moment that have to take priority. I’ve also started back to walking around my neighbourhood. While it’s not gung-ho like it was back in January, it’s a start. And it works with my schedule and we all know that with life and work, it can be challenging getting other stuff scheduled in.

I don’t remember if I mentioned that I rejoined weight watchers. I’m still doing that, and I have a great accountability partner who I text throughout the week. She helps me stay on my meal plan at least!!  I haven’t been losing much. Maybe a pound over the whole summer. But I’m not gaining either. So I’m hoping that now that I’m back doing some walking (and I’m not strolling…I’m actually doing a brisk pace), that my numbers will start going down again.

I also have one more piece of motivation. I joined an adult beginner tap class this year. It starts next week. And I believe it’s either December or January when we start getting measured for our costumes for competition and recital. So once that happens, I most definitely won’t want to gain. How embarrassing would THAT be?!??

Anyway I really have nothing new to report and I guess I better get my act together because you guys are going to start getting bored with me.

Until next time,

Stay healthy

Shawna – On My Weigh – 1/2 Triathlon Completed!!!

***Shawna is a client of our ours, that’s willing to share her weight loss journey bi weekly. She’s a mother, wife and works a full time job. All of her comments are in her own words, unedited. Please contact us to start your journey,, 7807184805***

So what shall I talk about?  Oh I know…my triathlon.

Sunday, August 12 started off at 2 in the morning when my mind decided it didn’t want to sleep. I laid there tossing and turning and just couldn’t fall asleep. Not sure if I was anxious or what. But it’s not like it was my first triathlon. So who knows why I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried everything. I looked at my phone at 3:38 AM when I finally fell asleep. But then awake time was at 4:15. This wasn’t going to be good.

After packing the car and having our customary breakfast at Denny’s we headed to the race.

Rain was in the forecast. 90% chance of rain. After it had been hot and dry out all week. Ugh. And it was a bit on the chilly side. Only 10 degrees and windy. And when you’re coming out of a pool all wet, 10 degrees isn’t very nice out. Ah well. At least it wasn’t stupid hot out.

So we got our daughter to join this year. She did the try-it distances with me while her dad did the full sprint distances.

So on the pool deck we all get assigned our lanes and it turned out that my daughter (Sydney) and I were in the same lane. And we were the ONLY ones in our lane. This try-it wasn’t overly packed. Plus I think the weather scared everyone away. Lol. Anyway so once we were assigned our lanes, we were told to let the faster swimmer go first so Sydney decided I was likely faster so I went first. I was t even half way down the lane when she over took me. And I couldn’t catch up. Lol. But I found a rhythm and stuck to it.  I feel like I did pretty good.

Transition time…usually I just go onto my bike in just my bathing suit. Have you ever tried to put on pants while still wet??  Lol. So normally I bike in just my bathing suit then put my pants on after the bike. But because it was kinda chilly I just said hell with it and put my pants on now. Yup it went about as well as I expected lololol. So away I went on the bike. It was really tough. The triathlon is in St. Albert and we have to do a huuuuuuge hill. And it killed me. But I did it. And I didn’t stop mid-climb this year like I have in the past. Yay me!!!  Again, I felt pretty good about my time.

Final transition…I had to take my sneakers off to put my socks on just to put my sneakers back on in hind sight, I really didn’t save any time by doing it this way. Ah well. Every race I learn something new lol. So away I went on my run. I walked pretty much the first 2 kilometres. The last half to one kilometre is when I increases my pace by a lot and gave it all that I had. I wanted to finish strong. And I feel like I did. Only time will tell.

So results time…

250 metre swim – 9:12

10 K bike – 32:33

2.5 k run – 30:22

Total time – 1:12:08

I beat my last year’s total time by almost 2 minutes!!!!  I was slower on the swim this year. But I was faster on the bike AND run. I came in 16th out of 19th. So I beat 3 people!!!!!  Woot. Was it the fact that I weigh less?  I don’t know. I do know that the bike felt stronger. So that’s a great start.

I’ve already started training for my first triathlon for next year. My goal next year at the Coronation triathlon is to do the full distances. Those are 1000 metres in the pool, over 20k on the bike (I forgot how much) and an 8K run. So I have my work cut out for me but I know if I discipline myself to stick with it, I can make the impossible…possible.

Until next time…stay healthy.

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